Oxford City & County Bowls Club 
Registered Office: The Club House, Marston Ferry Road, Oxford, OX2 7EE
VAT Reg.no: 194 7830 2

Company Chairman

Chris Lewis

Company Secretary

Vera Logue

Finance Director

Chris Lewis

Coaching Director

Rosemary Phelps

Fire and Security Director


Health and Safety Director

David Nash

Maintenance Director


Services Director

Sue Lacey

Indoor Director


Outdoor Director

Sue Mayo

Colin Pollard, Marcus Bunning, Sue Lacey, Angie Edmondson, Sue Mayo, Chris Lewis
Terry Gripe
Vice President:
Vera Logue


Indoor Bowls Committee


Chairman TBA
Ladies Comp. Sec. (Nat) Jeanette Berry
Mens Comp. Sec. (Nat) Sam Watts
Fixtures Secretary Vera Loque
Senior Duty Officer           TBA
Ladies County Delegate Jeanette Berry
Committee Members Lorraine Gaskins
  Mike Hine
  Sue Lacey
  Rosemary Phelps


Outdoor Committee


Chairman Jeanette Berry
Secretary and Outdoor Director Sue Mayo
Captain (Men) and Fixture Secretary Bryan Flitter
Vice Captain (Men) Ron Howes
Competition Secretary (Ladies & Mens) Angie Edmondson
County Delegate (Men) Michel Grossnickel
County Delegate (Ladies) Carol Gaskins, Carol Gaskins
Committee Members Steve Chillmaid
  Othman Sharif
A League Manager Colin Pollard
B League Manager Ron Howes