WARNING!!! I have just received the following email from a personal friend living in Oxfordshire. This has happened TODAY to them. Please read and take care.


🦠 We’ve got Coronavirus 😒🤒😷

We haven’t been out ignoring the rules. We haven’t been out sunbathing or going to parks or doing anything to flout the rules. We’ve been staying inside with the only human contact being when I’ve been to the supermarket...and yet we’ve got it. Somehow the invisible enemy has got in, maybe on shopping or when taking in post or a delivery or when I’ve unknowingly touched an infected surface at the supermarket.

My point is, you can’t take this too seriously. You can’t assume it won’t happen to you because you’re not part of the group of idiots flouting the rules. Even strict rule followers like us can get it.

So, take that extra step back from the person in front of you in the queue. Consider washing your shopping as you unpack it at home. Wash your hands after taking in post, your milk or a delivery. It’s invisible and is just devastating and stressful and worrying when you find it’s got in.

Stay home. Stay safe 💙












Allister Smith has noticed this very interesting article on Astronomy about the

Comet Atlas.


I am sure it will be well worth having a look out for when the skies are clear during April

Click on the Link below






April 2020 Newsletter is now available under 'Newsletter' in the Main Menu.


Many thanks to Allister Smith for producing this information sheet every month, it helps to keep us all in touch with what's happening at the Club.  Normally printed sheets are available at the Club but due to the current restrictions, this is not possible.










NEWS from The Oxfordshire Bowls League

The 2020 Outdoor League season will be cancelled until 2021. This means all Summer Leagues, A&B Teams and The League Cup amongst others. We are in unprecedented times and the most important challenge is for all of us to stay safe. It is also important to keep an eye on fellow bowlers especially the ones who live alone .



Please Click here:- https://www.bowlsengland.com/statement-british-isles-bowls-events-2020/ 

to get the latest Information and cancellations














Photo of

Jane and Geoff of Oxford City & County Bowls Club

at the presentation of a cheque for

£1300 to

Maggies Centres Charity for Cancer Care.


Well done the dynamic duo for their continued support and efforts in managing to raise such a large sum, one of many over the past few years.




What a Superb


'President's Day'


on the Indoor Rinks at

Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

Plenty of Fancy Dress entries

and lots of laughs!


And most of all......

Over £450 was raised for the The President's Charity!


 John Jarvis (President) would like to thank everybody who helped to make this event such a success,

and especially to all of you that joined in to play and raise such a magnificent sum for the Charity





















Haggis, Neeps and Tatties at the table and a superb 'Address to a Haggis'

by our one and only (there cannot be two!) GRAHAM KERR.

'Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race! Aboon them a' ye tak your place, Painch, tripe, or thairm : Weel are ye wordy o'a grace As lang's my arm.'


Superb Duo, 'Wipeout', played through the night and got everybody on their feet dancing. If you were not there, then don't miss the next one....you will really enjoy it!











A Gentle reminder of

Green Etiquette.


1. Be conversant with the Laws of the Game and Observe them.

2. Respect the decision of the umpire.

3. Be punctual to commence play at all matches, and come to each match correctly attired.

4. Keep quiet and refrain from moving when players are on the mat.

5. Stand behind the mat whilst your opponent bowls.

6. Always stand still at the head, when a player is about to bowl. Movement at the head, or talking at the mat, is very distracting.

7. Always allow your opponent the right to the head as spelled out in the laws of the game.

8. Walk close to the centre of the rink, with minimum delay when changing ends.

9. Do not delay play. Always play your bowl with minimum delay.

10. Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.

11. Keep track of play and be ready to bowl when it is your turn.

12. Every player at the mat end should assist collecting the bowls when the end is completed.

13. Always pay your skip respect by waiting for their decision. Do not step onto the mat and indicate which way you intend to play. Wait for the skip’s instructions.

14. Never applaud lucky bowls, - accept them graciously.

15. Never complain about lucky bowls, they tend to equal each other out over the season. 

16. Respect the green’s surface at all times:-


18. Always inform your opponent if you wish to leave the green.

19. If you lose, be a good loser, and do not blame your loss on; other people, the green or weather conditions.

20. Win or lose, always shake hands with your opponents and thank them for the game. Do not be taken with your win today, because the position could be reversed tomorrow.

21. Offer your opponents a drink after the game. 21. Always be polite to Markers and Umpires, they have given their time to assist you in your game. ABOVE ALL, ENJOY THE GAME OF BOWLS FOR, ITS PLEASURE AND FOR LASTING FRIENDSHIP 

A very memorable 'Cheetah's' Team Roll-up


 See 'Indoor Tens Competition' on the Main Menu

Wessex Bowls League, Thames Division.
Oxford City & County Bowls Club pulled the stops out on Sunday to beat Swindon Manor by 93 points to 63, thereby netting 14 points to Swindon's 2!

See the table below for the current League position after 2 games....Played 2..Won 2!

Mark Charlott and Rae-Welsh were the leading skips with comprehensive wins on their rinks.







There are many within the Club that have excelled in all types of Sport, Profession, Music or Artistic creation. For instance, when you were trying to beat GEOFF POWELL on the Indoor Rinks at Oxford City & County Bowls Club

did you realise that in his spare time he was practising for the


that are being held in Jersey at this very moment!Photos below show Geoff at the Tables in Jersey.






Indoor Competition Winter Season 2019/20


What a game by the Oxford City & Counties Bowls Club Ladies!

Playing against WhiteKnights of Reading last Saturday (2/11/19), City & County won both Rinks at Home and one away to take a lead of 3-1. However, the result was a draw due to the overall shots being equal over the 4 Rinks. Oxford and Whiteknights had to then play a deciding extra end (i.e. a penalty shoot out!) to decide the ultimate winner and unfortunately Oxford City & County lost by just one point.
An exceptional Match which City & County played superbly against one of the Leading teams in the South of England.

City & County will now play in the 'Plate' Competition for runners-up in the first round and are due to play West Berks on Saturday 16th November at 10am, 2 rinks at Home and 2 rinks at West Berks.
Good Luck ladies!






Indoor Summer League Winners!



Congratulations to you All!













Oxford City & County Club Championship Finals.

...Day 1, Saturday 7th September 2019


Mixed 4 Wood Pairs Champions
K. Galloway & J. Drage 

Runners-up J. Alexander & R. Heavens

Mixed Singles Champion

Runner-up T.Gripe

Triples Championship Champions

P.Lopez, C.Lewis & A.Ley

Runner-up  M.Bunning, D.Wedge, C.Pollard

Never Won Singles Champion


Runner-up T.Lee

Mens 3-wood Pairs Champions
A.Ley & G Gray

Runners-up  M.Bunning & P.Lopez

Handicap Singles Champion

Runner-up  G.Kerr

2-wood Mixed Pairs Champions
R.Phelps & O.Sharif

Runner-up  J.Alexander & R.Heavens

Ladies Championship Singles Champion

K. Hawes

Runner-up J. Berry


Ladies Two Wood Singles Champion


Runner-up Carol Penson



















Oxford City & County Bowls Club Stalwart



Terry Gripe hits 100 not-out.

No, not at Cricket but at Bowls!


Terry has been awarded his Special Oxfordshire County Badge for playing over 100 Matches for the County.

Well done Terry, and may you double that score soon!

Bowls Oxfordshire....The Oxford City & County Ladies win again!

The Oxfordshire County TOP CLUB Competition Final, played at Banbury Chestnuts BC on Sunday was another sure-fire win for the City & County Ladies.


The Final was a hard fought Shoot out between against South Oxford BC which the City & County team won by 86-70

Well done Girls!


and Oxford City & County are on the Podium!

Unfortunately, not the top step, but finishing with a superb 2nd Place.     


1) In the morning we beat Adderbury ..

2) West Witney beat Carterton in the other semi-final.

3) In the Final, West Witney were always in control and although City & County put in a superb effort to try and close the gap, were only able to finish runners up in the Hawker Cup.

Many thanks to Roving Reporter Geoff Powell for his report and photos.


Photo from Karen Galloway

West Witney, Winners of the Hawker Cup. Congratulations but watch out, Our boys at City & County will be seeking revenge next year!




Make a note to be at Leamington Spa National Championships where Oxford City & County Bowls Club Member

Carol Gaskins

is playing in the Senior Singles.


What a week this has been already and Carol could do the business and go for the Silverware. I am sure she will appreciate all your support.


The Weather Forecast is Windy, but Carol will blow the opposition away!


Monday 12th August, that's the date to be at Royal Leamington Spa for the 

National Championships,

and it's early in the Morning, 9.30am to be exact!

Our County Championship Ladies Triples Champions (Jeanette Berry, Jacky Gray and Sue Mayo) from Oxford City & County Bowls Club,, will be there to contest the National Championships.
Photo shows Jacky, Jeanette and Sue with the County Trophy.......... we all hope you come back with an even bigger one!




It's all about the National Championships in the month of August, and there's still a long way to go.


Although the Oxford City & County Bowls Club Ladies (Info & photo below) just missed out from reaching the quarter-finals, they put up a great fight and only just lost out to Gloucestershire 21-15.

Well done for those 2 superb wins on the first day that got you through to the last 16.
However, we still have plenty more matches in other Championship formats to come, so we will all be cheering you on!





Donna, Kathy, Carole and Karen, of Oxford City & County Bowls Club,


charge their way through day 1 of the Ladies Fours Competition at the Royal Leamington Spa, Bowls England National Championships.

With a great win in the morning, followed by another win in the afternoon, they are now in the Last 16 due to be played this morning (Wed 7th July) at 9.30.


If they manage to win that game, they will progress to the Quarter-Final at 2pm

Come-on you Girls!



What a superb day at Newbury Racecourse on Tuesday 6th July 2019.


Oxford City & County Bowls Club President John Jarvis organised a Coach trip from the Clubhouse to the Racecourse, which was enjoyed by everybody

(and even more so by the on-course Bookmakers!)


A few winners, a few losers but a great experience for all. Thanks Mr President!


Look under "IMAGE GALLERY" in Main Menu 
to see photos from 
The Sobell House Charity Day
held at Oxford City & County Bowls Club on
Saturday 13th July!
On Saturday 27th July, there will be a small Celebration to Dedicate the Opening of the New Conservatory
Drinks and Nibbles will be available 6.30-7.00pm
Another Landmark in the continuing modernisation of the Club and it's Facilities and our thanks go to all those that helped to make it possible.
Oxford City & County Bowls Club
whether you bowl Outdoors on either of the 2 large Greens or Indoors on the 6 Rinks
The Pride of the South!













Oxford City and County Bowls Club remember


Irene Molyneux


with great affection



It is with deep regret that we have to report the passing of One of Oxford City & County Bowls Club outstanding Bowlers


Irene Molyneux played for the Club, Oxfordshire County and England,

winning the

Gold Medal in the fours and the Bronze Medal in the Pairs

at the World Outdoor Bowls Championships at Toronto

in 1981.


Irene also held Two National Champion Titles in 1991 and 1996


Funeral arrangements will be published as soon as they are known


A FANTASTIC 'Runaway' Home win for Oxford City & County 'A' against Adderbury on Thursday evening with all 4 rinks taking maximum 6 points in the important Division 2 'Head of the Table' battle. 

The Chris Lewis team of Lewis/ Lopez/Richens/Mazey were the star performers of the night with a 22-7 on rink 2.


AND THE 'B' TEAM also keep their new found winning ways with another amazing 'Full House' win with all 4 rinks taking superb WINS against the away match with Oxford University Press.

Bob Heavens, Ken Buckingham, Terry Gripe and Mark Plested all skipped their teams to a resounding 6-0 point advantage and begin to close the gap in the Oxfordshire Division 4 table standings



'B'Team Skips Strut their Style in front of Oxford C&CBC roving reporter and Photographer Geoff Powell










are now available on 'Image gallery' on the Main menu
They can also be seen on the Oxford City and County Bowls Club Facebook page
in 'Club News' on the Main menu,
An absolutely FABULOUS Day for our very own J.J (John Jarvis) on his President's Day at
Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

It started with a 'Spider' for a bottle of Bubbly and 'fizzed' for the rest of the afternoon!
Thanks to all the Visitors from other Clubs who br
ought a Team
and all the 'City & County' Members who made them doubly welcome.
It didn't matter who won, because the day was such a success with over £500 collected for
the Presidents Charity 'Dementia Oxfordshire'








Happy Birthday to Peter Boyle


......and what a Great Cake from his Family to help Celebrate this super occasion. 


The Renovations to the Oxford City & County Bowls Club Conservatory are progressing fast


......another improvement from your Management  and Projects Team that makes this Club the Very Best in the whole Area!






Club President John Jarvis and Vice President Chris Lewis

started the new season with a 'Spider' Competition for a beautiful 1 Litre bottle of Grouse Whisky that had been very kindly donated by JOHN HOLDEN, one of our in-door Players.

Our sincere thanks to you John!

The 'Spider' was followed by a hard fought 6-rink game in stunning weather between sides supporting The President and Vice-President.







 .      2019 Oxford City and County Bowls Club

President's Charity



The Dementia Oxfordshire Service is part of Age UK Oxfordshire and we support Clients over 65years of age, with a diagnosis of dementia and registered with a GP in Oxfordshire.

We supports not only those with dementia but their families and carers, to access appropriate services. We aim for individuals to live as well as possible, for as long as possible, in their own homes and remain active in the community. We also organise, support and signpost to dementia friendly groups and activities in Oxfordshire such as carers support groups and memory cafés. After our initial home visits, we remain a point of contact for our Clients and carers offering six monthly reviews. 


As the dementia progresses additional support maybe required including benefits, financial advice and guidance for families and carers. We also provide information on planning and end of life care including the often difficult decision about respite or moving into a care home facility. We guide and support families through this delicate and often complex process.


Our Service also has a Dementia Support Line, 01865 410210, manned by us the Dementia Advisers and is available for anyone, including Clients, relatives, carers and professionals to phone any time Monday –Friday 9-5pm. We are able to take self or family referrals and provide advice with appropriate practical/emotional support. Sometimes we may just be a listening ear when needed, often in times of crisis. Callers seem to appreciate they are calling a local service with an extensive knowledge of local services across Oxfordshire.


The Youngsters enjoying a Saturday Morning Coaching session at

Oxford City & County Bowls Club


If you know a prospective Young Bowler that would like to become a good Club Bowler or graduate to becoming a National or International Bowler, then Contact Rosemary Phelps or Graham Kerr who would be pleased to help with Bowls Coaching.


Photo of Rosemary and Graham with a few of the Youngsters enjoying their training



More Photos in 'IMAGE GALLERY' in the Main menu under the year 2019


Please Take Extra Care on our Superb Indoor Rinks yes



The Indoor Bowls Carpet needs Your help to maintain it's Longevity and trueness of Play. Here are a few pointers that we must all consider when playing indoors:-


  1. Always wear bowling shoes with perfectly flat soles. 'Trainers' or other types of shoes with a tread on the soles can damage the carpet fibres and must not be used.
  3. Please do not wear your Bowling shoes outside for any reason, change them before venturing out of the club. Popping out to the car risks taking a stone, or some contaminant, onto the carpet resulting in considerable damage. If you do need to go out for a smoke, have you thought of adding a pair of 'shoe slip-overs' to your Bowling equipment?
  5. You must not use grippo or glycerine and rose water on your bowls. These will quickly get transferred to the carpet and cause expensive damage.
  7. Do not take food or drink onto the bowling green. It is easy to drop crumbs, chocolate or sticky sweets on to the carpet and coffee or sugary drinks will cause serious staining if spilled on to the bowling surface. 

And Finally, Please, No running on the Rink, it can damage the carpet and we don't want you to have any accidents by falling over or accidental contact with other Bowlers.

  2. Please pay attention to the above “rules” which apply to all, whether as a Visitor or a member, you know it makes sense, and it is for everybodys benefit. wink

Go to Wessex League on the Main menu!

Disability Bowls Development Workshop Saturday 1st December 2018

2 Bowls Coaching Staff from Oxford City & County Bowls Club and a further 7 Bowlers from Oxford, Bucks and Berks attended a workshop at Oxford City & County B.C. provided by George Babalev of the Bowls Development Alliance and Lee Smith from Disability Bowls England.

A general classroom element was followed by practical demonstration and practice on the Rinks, showing the great range of equipment that is available for the Disabled Bowler.
Many able-bodied bowlers purely think only of wheelchair users as being 'disabled' but the word covers a multitude of medical disabilities and this workshop showed that a great number of people, who think they might never be able to play a sport, could easily take up and be competitive at the Game of Bowls with help, coaching and training. 







A very warm welcome to you all for the Indoor Season and especially to those members who have been away at other clubs for the summer Outdoor Season. The first few games in the indoors leagues have distinctly shown the readjustments needed after playing outdoors as rink after rink display a line of bowls played into the end gutters. Nevertheless the banter and laughter in the hall readily shows the spirit of the game and the great social element of the matches

We wish you all a very successful and enjoyable season and our substantial thanks for your contributions in making the leagues such fun occasions.




We would also like to draw attention to the numerous friendly matches to be played against other clubs during the next few months and into the New Year. The notices for these individual matches are displayed on the notice board on the wall just as you turn into the dining area of the club. Any member can sign up for these matches





We especially encourage newer members to play in these friendly matches as they are a great way to broaden your experience in a competitive situation especially when the end result is not of too great importance, although it is always a much better feeling to win. Apart from the practice you will get to improve your game, there is also the experience of contributing your effort to the team and of learning the significance of playing at different positions in a team. It is not always about getting your bowl on the jack as tactical positioning and trying to follow instructions from your skip are skills that develop gradually. It is interesting to visit other local clubs partly to see their facilities, meet new people and in having to adjust your game to unfamiliar surroundings and conditions.




Most importantly, after the match there is food and refreshment and a lot of socialising to do.


Participation in these friendly matches is a terrific way to show your support for the club.

It is amazing how you will find that others will offer friendly advice to help you improve your game. You will make many new friends which extends into a lively and vibrant and inclusive social atmosphere around the club.  




It is with these thoughts in mind that we wish to reach out to as many members as possible to ask that you help us make this season programme of friendly matches a great success by joining in whenever you would like to and are able to. 

See the 'WESSEX LEAGUE' in the Main Menu!



16 Club Champion Bowlers from all over Oxfordshire descended onto the Greens at Oxford City & County Bowls Club. Unfortunately the weather decided to turn very wintery and the Competitors had to really work hard in the difficult conditions of wind and rain.


However, after all games had been played and the final pairing announced, everybody knew there was going to be a Red-Hot Final to watch.


It couldn't have been closer, but Howard Watts just managed to 'pip' Sam Watts by a meagre 1 point...21 -20 !!!


Congratulations to all Competitors and to the two fantastic Finalists.


photo:- Howard Watts receives the Trophy from OBA President Eddie Dorling


Summer Indoor League Finals         and       The Potato Challenge


Here are the Champions!.....


Bryan Slatter Trophy Drawn Pairs.............Sally Bentley and Geoff Powell

Runners-up...........................................                  June Steel and Ed Bentley







Mixed Pairs..................................................... Sally & Ed Bentley

Runners-up........................................................... Hilary Price & Alister Smith





League Champions...................................... 'Team Maples'  consisting of:-

                                                                  Trevor Gethins, Jean Rolfe, Elaine Gethins, Cynthia Young, Trevor Young Jenny Fonge





And now...The Potato Challenge Champions of 2018


The Potato Challenge is an historical Rawnsley Ritual whereby 20 or so avid Greenfinger Bowling Gardeners are given a bucket and a single seed potato to pit their harvesting skills during the summer season to produce


'The Great Spud Bucket-off'


And the winners are.....................


Heaviest Crop..............................Linden French with massive 9lb 7oz

Largest Single Potato..................Jane Walker with a magnificent 1lb 1oz Solanum Tuberosum

The Oxford Bowls Tour to the Isle of Wight, Sept 2018.

All the Bowlers having fun and a laugh after having a superb day in Competition against various Isle of Wight Lawn Bowls Clubs. By all accounts, they are better at 'Proper' Bowls than in the 'Tenpin' lanes!





John Drage trying his hand at TenPin Bowling and by the looks of his and Keano's expression, I think it best if he keeps to the Real Sport of Lawn Bowls!


Last few Club Matches of the season coming up.


Two away matches, one against Begbroke on the 25th August and one against Middle Barton on Saturday 1st September followed by home matches against Waddesdon on Sunday 2nd September and Thame on Thursday 6th September. Your last chance to represent the Club in an Outdoors match in 2018, so get your name on the board and experience how good it is to play. You will then be ready for Next Season!

Not sure of the format, what you need to wear, how to enter, or any other details? Ask Graham in the Office or just about anyone who looks like they might know. Don't be shy, it's easy, no pressure and good fun. Give it a go before the Summer Outdoor Season closes! The way to improve is to play against other Bowlers of any ability. Remember, everybody (including the Club Champion) had to start somewhere.


Don't forget the Club Competition Finals Weekend on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September.



All the Finalists in the many knockout comps will be doing battle to become Champions. If you are not one of those Fantastic Finalists, come along and cheer, have a drink and a snack and enjoy the last of the summer sunshine in style!




                                                                                                                                                                                                   Read What Bob Scholes had to say on our Facebook Page.:-








'Bob Scholes.... As a rider to the above may I encourage anyone who has never been to our club, to come along and soak in the atmosphere and friendliness that abounds.....in particular there are home matches on the 2nd and 6th Sept.....never know, you might get the 'bug' ! Certainly would be great to see you all.'


At the end of the National Championships, we will update the superb results attained by The Oxford City and County Bowls Club Ladies.

Just to qualify for the Championships is a Major achievement!

Well done to all.





Colin Pollard and his Merry Men/Women organised a Superb Charity Day for Sobell House and raised well over £2000!!!!


Many thanks to everybody who entered a Team, or just helped/ turned up to watch and donated to the Cause.

You all made it a Great Success.


John Drage's Team which consisted of John Drage and Karen & Andrew Galloway were the worthy winners with Colin Pollard's Team in Second Place.


 A few Photos from the Day can be seen in 'MATCH REPORTS

It is with great sadness that we announce that Peter passed away on Thursday 7th June 2018
Peter was a respected Member of the Oxford City & County Bowls Club.
He was President in 2003 and until very recently headed the Management Committee as Chairman,
only standing down this year due to ill health.
He will be greatly missed by all.
Our thoughts are with Rosemary during this difficult time.