First day of open Triples.  Despite the rain and general gloomy day 16 people turned up to bowl.

Many thanks to those 16 for braving the weather.

It was a bit heavy going, but there were some good Heads.


I took a couple of photos and it was really great to see the BowlingGreens being used again.

Lets hope the weather is better next Wednesday and more people turn up


I have been working in the Sobell shops lots of donations and some really good stuff has been donated.  I think people must have really clear cupboard and attics by now.  That also means some very good stock in  the shops.

Hope you enjoy the photos and they make you want to join us next Wednesday morning 10am -10pm

Keep well keep fit




ANSWERS to Last Week

1  Flintstones

2  Gold

3  California 

4  Ever decreasing  circles

5  Wind speed

6  Stanley Matthews

7  Anthea Redfern

8  Reticulated python

9  Dan Dare

10 Mack the knife




1  Name the 2 gangs in West side story

2  Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool from which club

3  Who got Ba ba black sheep's 3rd bag of wool

4  What is the longest river in Europe

5  Which element is two thirds of the human body

6  What was the name of Jennifer Saunders character in Ab Fab

7  What is the largest planet in our solar system

8  What do Americans call crisps

9  What is the largest terrestrial carnivore 

10 When according to Rogers and Hammerstein may you see a stranger across a crowded room







 A good mixture of skills on display: those giving the orders, those disobeying the orders, those leaning on virtual shovels, those between jobs and yes, those doing a bit of work! Well done to Colin again for organising and bringing together an enthusiastic  group of volunteers.











ANSWERS for Last Week's Quiz

1  Bristol

2  Bizzie Lizzie

3  New Faces

4  Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

5  Gandhi 

6  Sheffield Shield

7  Damascus 

8  Angora goat

9  Alan B'stard

10 Slade




1  Which TV family lived in Bedrock

2  What colour is the inner circle of an archery target

3  Before he was President Ronald Reagan  was governor  of which State

4  In which sitcom did Richard Briers play Martin Bryce

5  The Beaufort scale measures what

6  Who was the first footballer to be Knighted

7  Who was Bruce's original  assistant on the Generation Game

8  What is the longest snake

9  In the Eagle Comic who was the pilot of the future

10 'On the sidewalk Sunday morning lies a body just oozing life'  who was sneaking round the corner




Thanks for your agreement for the New Format Wednesday morning bowls 


It would appear that there is quite a lot of support for the Wednesday morning Triples.   That is really good news.  I am guessing it is mainly my charm and charisma that is the draw to play. Could be the mega prize money on offer (Webmaster says 'Whaaat!????? ).  Whatever the reason it will be great to see you.


I have been saving 2 jokes which I was going to use on my Presidents day.  I have  decided to share them with you now.

I should stress that neither have been passed by Bowls England. (Webmaster..and not likely to be!)

Hope no one is offended by them.  If you are you can tell me when we next meet.


Keep well keep fit



Joke 1).....A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool… After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split. The waitress asked kindly, 'Crushed nuts?' 'No,' he replied, 'Arthritis.


Joke 2)......'Two elderly women were eating breakfast in a restaurant one morning. Ethel noticed something funny about Mabel's ear and she said, "Mabel, did you know you've got a suppository in your left ear? " Mabel answered, "I have a suppository?" She pulled it out and stared at it. Then she said, "Ethel, I'm glad you saw this thing. Now I think I know where my hearing aid is."


John Jarvis,

Last Year's Oxford City & County Bowls Club Chairman, has just received a letter from Age UK (copy below).

John would also like to thank ALL those Members, Visitors and Friends who helped support his Chosen Charity for his year in Office.

Well Done!





ANSWERS to Last weeks Questions

1  Alexander Armstrong

2  Catherine Cookson

3  Owl

4  Athens

5  Hamlet

6  Pie in the Sky

7  Woodrow Wilson

8  Snake

9  Richard Branson 

10 Suzie



1  Temple Meads is the main station of which English city

2  What is the common name of the plant Impatiens

3  Which TV talent show discovered Victoria Wood and Lennie Henry

4  What does OPEC stand for

5  Who was assassinated by Nathuram Godse in 1948

6  What is the cricket competition between Australian States called

7  What is the capital of Syria 

8  From which particular  animal do you get Mohair 

9  What was the name of Rick Mayall's dodgy MP in The new statesman

10 Which major hit makers of the 70's likes the letter Z

Many thanks to David and Sandy for organizing these superb 'Lockdown' quizzes----You never know, some of these questions might come up in the Winter Social Quizz at the Club, so make sure you pay attention!


July 8th.  -  Triples 10 - 12.- Open to All



Over the last couple of years I have been running a Wednesday Triples league.    This year I am running a different format.   Turn up and we will draw teams on the day.  We can use every other rink so we could have upto 36 people playing.  I thought it might make it a bit more fun if we paid £2 each to enter half the money going to the highest winning team on the day and half to the club.

Obviously we will not always get a number divisible by 3 we may have to improvise on the day.

Everything is happening all at once bowls,  shops opening what next next?  Will we be able to cope with the excitement. 


The Sobell fish-tank will no longer need my attention, David can get some peace and quiet and life may slowly move forward.  When will we be able to go to the hairdresser's  what a luxury that will be?

Again I have found a couple of jokes that might make you smile.Hopefully I will see some of you on the 8th July.


Take care keep fit keep well




Starting this weekend, spectators (Club members or relatives) will be allowed to watch play, they have to be outside, we suggest no more than 2 per rink and as always ask them to maintain social distancing.




ANSWERS To Last Weeks Questions

1  Rocketman

2  Pipistrelle

3  Veal

4  Marlene

5  Hillman

6  Robert Kennedy

7  12

8  Bowls

9  David Vine

10  Bangers and Mash


New Questions

1  Who is the main presenter on Pointless

2  Her many books include the Mallen Trilogy, and theTilly Trotter series

3  Which bird has types Long Eared, Short Eared and Scops

4  Which city hosted the first Olympic Games

5  Which film directed by and starring Laurence Olivier won Oscars for both best film and best actor.

6  Henry Crabbe a police inspector and chef was the main character in which TV series

7  Who was US president during WW1

8  In the Sherlock Holmes story the Speckled Band what was the murder weapon

9  Who owns Necker Island

10 When Elton did the Crocodile Rock who was the girl. (Come on I know you all remember when rock was young)

Sorry I am late with my Prattle this week but I put my back out.

Oh the pain was hell!!

I found an osteopath who worked wonders on it, the relief was amazing. It was quite difficult to find someone who was working in the current covid situation, most are only offering advice over the phone for £45.I knew what the problem was I did not feel I needed advice, I wanted it put right.


Great news, we can bowl again if we choose, how brilliant is that.  I can get my new bowling shorts out.    Well, I would if the sun was shining and myback was ok.

Over the last 10 days I have been quite busy working with various Sobell people to ensure all the shops will be safe to open on 15th June.  

The garden is looking good but the bindweed is growing like mad;- I am sure I can see it growing some days.  The tomato plants now have flowers on and I have the first flower on a cucumber.  The courgettes have buds on and the broad beans look good, all is well in the garden.

OK I have had a prattle and a bit of a rant this week, that in itself make me feel better.

I have included a couple more jokes this week hope they make you smile.

Keep fit keep well.




The club house, changing rooms and ladies and gent’s toilets will be closed.  The drinks machine and water machine will not be available for use.   The disabled toilet will be open for emergency use only.



We are implementing a “Cloud” based on-line booking system, you must pre-register to be able to use this system, email the Club Office by using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the Website Main Menu. Title your email “Cloud booking” and ensure that your name is clearly shown in the body of the mail. Instructions will be emailed back detailing how to register and how to use the booking system. 


Before Play:  

  • Maximum 2 players per rink unless from the same household.
  • Arrive dressed to play and bring your bowls, shoes, drink and any food with you.  All rubbish should be taken home and not left at the club.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated slot and wait in the car park until you are invited to enter through the main entrance
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided inside the front door and then proceed straight through to the outdoor greens (avoid touching anything on the way) where you can change your shoes.
  • Please sanitise before commencing play. 

During play:

  • Do not use pushers, sticks or chalk
  • Do not hug, shake hands or “high five” anyone 
  • Keep 2 metres apart at all times.
  • Do not touch each other’s bowls.
  • Only one player should handle the mat
  • Two jacks to be used, one at each end and these should be positioned by one person only.
  • Avoid measuring.
  • If scoring, one person to use the scorecard – scoreboards will not be available

After Play:

  • Change your shoes
  • Sanitise the mats and jacks – place them in the marked containers
  • Leave the club immediately.

Hand wash and sanitiser is available throughout



Allister Smith's Monthly Newsletter

is now available by clicking HERE or going to  'Newsletter' in the Main Menu





Riding all the Way from Kidlington to Summertown, J.J. is showing us the way. Give him a cheer if you see him on this Cycling Marathon!

Mary Bateman.


There is little change  to report, she is still bright and relatively cheerful under the circumstances but regretfully any talk of her going home has been put on hold again due to a second positive case of the virus in Glebe house. This has meant that all residents are confined to their rooms again and probably will be for several more days.  This means that she can no longer be brought to the entrance for conversation although it is possible to have a quick chat via an open window of her room.   

This may be a little premature but many of you may remember that on the 11 June 4 years ago there was a surprise party held at the club to celebrate her 90th birthday, sad to say no such luck this year but I am sure she would be more than delighted if members, particularly her old friends, could perhaps drop a card to Glebe House to celebrate her 94th

Should she be back home or has been relocated by that date I will make sure all mail reaches her.








This superb Cartoon from Matt of 'The Daily Telegraph' could be easily attributed to Bowls. There are quite a few of us that manage to keep our 'Woods' socially distanced from the Jack!






The David Nash 'BIG QUIZ' No 6


But first, the ANSWERS to Quiz No.5!




1  Valetta

2  Richard Branson

3  Dusty Bin

4  Jack the Ripper

5  Alfred Nobel

6  Hot Chocolate

7  Dick Francis

8  High Noon

9  Eddie Fisher

10 Lily the Pink


Quiz No.6


1 The Captain Tom hit 'You'll never walk alone' comes from which musical

2  If a dish is described as Lyonnaise what ingredient must it have

3  What is the longest mountain range in the world

4  In the film Indiana Jones and the last crusade who played young Indiana.

5  Name the Famous 5 dog

6  Who was the first winner of the Wimbledon mens singles in the open era

7  Who was the narrator of the Wombles on TV

8  After VE day where did the 3 Allied leaders confer on the way forward

9  Where was Cliff Richard born

10 According to Cole Porter in the old days what was looked on as something shocking




Saturday 9th May.  My Presidents Day!!. 

The people who attended my day had a really good time, as you can see from the photo. 

As you will notice the SHABBY CHIC dress code was enthusiasticly adopted.




I could go down in Club history as the only President ever to do absolutely nothing, not even have a Presidents day and everyone will understand it is not my fault.  Well there's a first.


On a more serious note good news from Chris Lewis last week.  Thanks Chris for all your work.

What have I been doing this week?... Gardening,... my potato is doing well.  The Peonies are just flowering and I had my first red poppy open for VE day.


I have been working for Sobell planning what needs to be done to prepare for the Shops to open.

On a Sobell note if anyone has donations they want rid of,  drop them off at the Club and I will arrange a pick up.  I call in on Mondays as I pass the door.

I have included a couple of jokes hope they make you smile.

Remember keep fit keep safe.




    Allister Smith





Julie and I would like to say ‘Hello’ to all our many Friends, Acquaintances and fellow Bowlers.

We are both fine and hope everyone else is too.


Isn’t it just so annoying, that when we are currently experiencing one of the best weather periods in Springtime for some years, here we are under lockdown, and thus unable to enjoy in any form the sport we oldies and those not so old, all love- The Game of Bowls.


These distressing times, do have some benefits, one of the most important is time, time to do all those jobs we have been putting off as- we can always do it tomorrow- at least that’s frequently been my excuse!


Time, has in one way been very beneficial to us, as family history has always been one of my interests. Looking into Julie’s family past, I came across an appeal on the internet that someone in New Zealand has posted in 2007 seeking news about their father. Recognising one of the names, I started digging, this resulted in a Facebook search, an off the cuff call to New Zealand and Lo and Behold, Julie now has a whole host of new cousins on the other side of the world and the original enquirer, some answers.

The moral of this story is, as Her Majesty said last evening- 'Never give up, never despair.'

Those five pearls of wisdom equally apply to us as members of our fabulous Club. By the time you may read this, Boris will hopefully have given us an indication of what he hopes will be the way forward.


Sadly, although I truly hope I am wrong, I think because of our age demographic and the fact that particularly indoors, 2 meter separation is very difficult we may be some months off restarting.


Although I am no longer part of the Club’s Management, if that situation does turn out to be the future, then the Club is going to need our help to survive. One way we could all do that, despite the pain it would cause some, I would encourage you all to pay your subs in September/ October, even should play be delayed for a short while longer.


I should say these are entirely my personal views, I have not discussed them with anyone.

Finally we would like to remind everyone to STAY SAFE.


Richard and Julie Jackson




While riding my Triumph Thunderbird 650 yesterday, I swerved to avoid hitting a deer, lost control and landed in a ditch severely banging my head.

Dazed and confused I crawled out of the ditch to the edge of the road, when a shiny new BMW convertible pulled up with a very beautiful woman who asked 'Are you ok?'

As I looked up I noticed she was wearing a low cut blouse with a cleavage to die for. 'I'm ok I think', I replied as I pulled myself up to the side of the car to get a closer look. 'Get in', she said, ‘I'll take you home so I can clean and bandage that nasty scrape on your head’.

‘That's nice of you’, I answered, ‘but I don't think my wife would like me doing that’.

‘Oh come now, I'm a nurse’, she insisted, ‘I need to see if you have anymore scrapes and I can treat them properly’.

Well she was really pretty and very persuasive, being sort of shaken and weak I agreed, but repeated ‘I am sure my wife won't like this.’

We arrived at her place which was just a few miles away and after a couple of cold beers and the bandaging, I thanked her and said ‘I feel a lot better, but I know my wife is going to be really upset, so I had better go now’.

‘Don't be silly’ she said with a smile, ‘stay for a while she won't know anything, by the way where is she?’


‘My guess is, she is still in the ditch!’



When you see me next at the Bowls Club, my black eye and swollen ear was not caused directly by falling off my motorcycle!



Look on the 'Welcome' page on the Menu to see a FREE copy of


'Inside Bowls'


May 2020 Edition


It has some very interesting articles!

Hi to All Members and Friends at 'The Oxford City & County Bowls Club',
We thought you might like to see the 'Thank You' banner that we made during the few Rainy days that we had last week and it is now proudly displayed in my tree, together with a small amount of bunting to celebrate 'VE Day'. Just trying to keep busy and as much as possible, enjoy the time at home. I had to slow down with my list of jobs that never get done in the REAL world as they were now running out, although I am sure Jackie will find more!
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well .   
Regards,    Colin Pollard

Update on Mary Bateman. 


 Mary is now out of isolation. Sadly she’s still a little weak on her pins and reliant on a push chair and a member of staff to get around but she can now  mix with the other residents of Glebe House and much more cheerful for it and I understand took part the bingo this week. 


Obviously still no in house visiting but it is possible to talk to her if a member of staff is available to bring her to the door or a convenient outside facing window.  Conversation is difficult but just about possible,  I find ten minutes is enough to cheer her up. If anyone would like to visit I suggest give Glebe house a call first on 01865 841859 and evenings after six is a good time.


She says the staff are kind and she is well fed... too well with three course dinners. ( I should be so lucky)?

She sends her best wishes to all and a thank you for enquiries after her health.


Keith Croxon









May 2020 Newsletter is now available under 'Newsletter' in the Main Menu.


Many thanks to Allister Smith for producing this information sheet every month, it helps to keep us all in touch with what's happening at the Club.  Normally printed sheets are available at the Club but due to the current restrictions, this is not possible.











 Mary Bateman Update Saturday 25/4/2020



Mary is currently in isolation in Glebe house for 14 days with 9 more to go.  I’m not sure if this standard for all new arrivals or only those that are known to have arrived from a hotspot such as a hospital where the virus is known to be.   This obviously means no visitors but I have manage to see her but only through the window of her room which isn’t conducive to conversation because of her hearing problems. Never the less communication of a sort was possible by writing in large print on a piece of paper and offering it up to the window. 

Access to the particular window is via a short walk through two locked gates but I have to say the staff are very accommodating and happy to unlock them.  

Up until this week she has not had the benefit of a regular update of the virus situation partly due to her hearing problems exacerbated by the  failure of her hearing aids and  lack of access to news media  such as TV or news papers, this has created a certain amount of frustration for her  but she is slightly happier now  because her son has provided a TV which she has exclusive access to in her room, this means she is more up to speed and subsequently has a much better understanding of why she is where she is and the reason for her isolation.  


Horror of horrors, not having access to the stuff for several weeks she has gone off her regular glass of wine which must be an indication of her not feeling quite herself  but she is comfortable if a little frail.


She thanks every one for their good wishes. 








WARNING!!! I have just received the following email from a personal friend living in Oxfordshire. This has happened TODAY to them. Please read and take care.


🦠 We’ve got Coronavirus 😒🤒😷

We haven’t been out ignoring the rules. We haven’t been out sunbathing or going to parks or doing anything to flout the rules. We’ve been staying inside with the only human contact being when I’ve been to the supermarket...and yet we’ve got it. Somehow the invisible enemy has got in, maybe on shopping or when taking in post or a delivery or when I’ve unknowingly touched an infected surface at the supermarket.

My point is, you can’t take this too seriously. You can’t assume it won’t happen to you because you’re not part of the group of idiots flouting the rules. Even strict rule followers like us can get it.

So, take that extra step back from the person in front of you in the queue. Consider washing your shopping as you unpack it at home. Wash your hands after taking in post, your milk or a delivery. It’s invisible and is just devastating and stressful and worrying when you find it’s got in.

Stay home. Stay safe 💙













NEWS from The Oxfordshire Bowls League

The 2020 Outdoor League season will be cancelled until 2021. This means all Summer Leagues, A&B Teams and The League Cup amongst others. We are in unprecedented times and the most important challenge is for all of us to stay safe. It is also important to keep an eye on fellow bowlers especially the ones who live alone .



Please Click here:- 

to get the latest Information and cancellations















Photo of

Jane and Geoff of Oxford City & County Bowls Club

at the presentation of a cheque for

£1300 to

Maggies Centres Charity for Cancer Care.


Well done the dynamic duo for their continued support and efforts in managing to raise such a large sum, one of many over the past few years.




What a Superb


'President's Day'


on the Indoor Rinks at

Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

Plenty of Fancy Dress entries

and lots of laughs!


And most of all......

Over £450 was raised for the The President's Charity!


 John Jarvis (President) would like to thank everybody who helped to make this event such a success,

and especially to all of you that joined in to play and raise such a magnificent sum for the Charity






















Haggis, Neeps and Tatties at the table and a superb 'Address to a Haggis'

by our one and only (there cannot be two!) GRAHAM KERR.

'Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race! Aboon them a' ye tak your place, Painch, tripe, or thairm : Weel are ye wordy o'a grace As lang's my arm.'


Superb Duo, 'Wipeout', played through the night and got everybody on their feet dancing. If you were not there, then don't miss the next will really enjoy it!











A Gentle reminder of

Green Etiquette.


1. Be conversant with the Laws of the Game and Observe them.

2. Respect the decision of the umpire.

3. Be punctual to commence play at all matches, and come to each match correctly attired.

4. Keep quiet and refrain from moving when players are on the mat.

5. Stand behind the mat whilst your opponent bowls.

6. Always stand still at the head, when a player is about to bowl. Movement at the head, or talking at the mat, is very distracting.

7. Always allow your opponent the right to the head as spelled out in the laws of the game.

8. Walk close to the centre of the rink, with minimum delay when changing ends.

9. Do not delay play. Always play your bowl with minimum delay.

10. Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.

11. Keep track of play and be ready to bowl when it is your turn.

12. Every player at the mat end should assist collecting the bowls when the end is completed.

13. Always pay your skip respect by waiting for their decision. Do not step onto the mat and indicate which way you intend to play. Wait for the skip’s instructions.

14. Never applaud lucky bowls, - accept them graciously.

15. Never complain about lucky bowls, they tend to equal each other out over the season. 

16. Respect the green’s surface at all times:-


18. Always inform your opponent if you wish to leave the green.

19. If you lose, be a good loser, and do not blame your loss on; other people, the green or weather conditions.

20. Win or lose, always shake hands with your opponents and thank them for the game. Do not be taken with your win today, because the position could be reversed tomorrow.

21. Offer your opponents a drink after the game. 21. Always be polite to Markers and Umpires, they have given their time to assist you in your game. ABOVE ALL, ENJOY THE GAME OF BOWLS FOR, ITS PLEASURE AND FOR LASTING FRIENDSHIP 

A very memorable 'Cheetah's' Team Roll-up


 See 'Indoor Tens Competition' on the Main Menu

Wessex Bowls League, Thames Division.
Oxford City & County Bowls Club pulled the stops out on Sunday to beat Swindon Manor by 93 points to 63, thereby netting 14 points to Swindon's 2!

See the table below for the current League position after 2 games....Played 2..Won 2!

Mark Charlott and Rae-Welsh were the leading skips with comprehensive wins on their rinks.







There are many within the Club that have excelled in all types of Sport, Profession, Music or Artistic creation. For instance, when you were trying to beat GEOFF POWELL on the Indoor Rinks at Oxford City & County Bowls Club

did you realise that in his spare time he was practising for the


that are being held in Jersey at this very moment!Photos below show Geoff at the Tables in Jersey.






Indoor Competition Winter Season 2019/20


What a game by the Oxford City & Counties Bowls Club Ladies!

Playing against WhiteKnights of Reading last Saturday (2/11/19), City & County won both Rinks at Home and one away to take a lead of 3-1. However, the result was a draw due to the overall shots being equal over the 4 Rinks. Oxford and Whiteknights had to then play a deciding extra end (i.e. a penalty shoot out!) to decide the ultimate winner and unfortunately Oxford City & County lost by just one point.
An exceptional Match which City & County played superbly against one of the Leading teams in the South of England.

City & County will now play in the 'Plate' Competition for runners-up in the first round and are due to play West Berks on Saturday 16th November at 10am, 2 rinks at Home and 2 rinks at West Berks.
Good Luck ladies!





Indoor Summer League Winners!



Congratulations to you All!













Oxford City & County Club Championship Finals.

...Day 1, Saturday 7th September 2019


Mixed 4 Wood Pairs Champions
K. Galloway & J. Drage 

Runners-up J. Alexander & R. Heavens

Mixed Singles Champion

Runner-up T.Gripe

Triples Championship Champions

P.Lopez, C.Lewis & A.Ley

Runner-up  M.Bunning, D.Wedge, C.Pollard

Never Won Singles Champion


Runner-up T.Lee

Mens 3-wood Pairs Champions
A.Ley & G Gray

Runners-up  M.Bunning & P.Lopez

Handicap Singles Champion

Runner-up  G.Kerr

2-wood Mixed Pairs Champions
R.Phelps & O.Sharif

Runner-up  J.Alexander & R.Heavens

Ladies Championship Singles Champion

K. Hawes

Runner-up J. Berry


Ladies Two Wood Singles Champion


Runner-up Carol Penson



















Oxford City & County Bowls Club Stalwart



Terry Gripe hits 100 not-out.

No, not at Cricket but at Bowls!


Terry has been awarded his Special Oxfordshire County Badge for playing over 100 Matches for the County.

Well done Terry, and may you double that score soon!

Bowls Oxfordshire....The Oxford City & County Ladies win again!

The Oxfordshire County TOP CLUB Competition Final, played at Banbury Chestnuts BC on Sunday was another sure-fire win for the City & County Ladies.


The Final was a hard fought Shoot out between against South Oxford BC which the City & County team won by 86-70

Well done Girls!


and Oxford City & County are on the Podium!

Unfortunately, not the top step, but finishing with a superb 2nd Place.     


1) In the morning we beat Adderbury ..

2) West Witney beat Carterton in the other semi-final.

3) In the Final, West Witney were always in control and although City & County put in a superb effort to try and close the gap, were only able to finish runners up in the Hawker Cup.

Many thanks to Roving Reporter Geoff Powell for his report and photos.


Photo from Karen Galloway

West Witney, Winners of the Hawker Cup. Congratulations but watch out, Our boys at City & County will be seeking revenge next year!



Monday 12th August, that's the date to be at Royal Leamington Spa for the 

National Championships,

and it's early in the Morning, 9.30am to be exact!

Our County Championship Ladies Triples Champions (Jeanette Berry, Jacky Gray and Sue Mayo) from Oxford City & County Bowls Club,, will be there to contest the National Championships.
Photo shows Jacky, Jeanette and Sue with the County Trophy.......... we all hope you come back with an even bigger one!




It's all about the National Championships in the month of August, and there's still a long way to go.


Although the Oxford City & County Bowls Club Ladies (Info & photo below) just missed out from reaching the quarter-finals, they put up a great fight and only just lost out to Gloucestershire 21-15.

Well done for those 2 superb wins on the first day that got you through to the last 16.
However, we still have plenty more matches in other Championship formats to come, so we will all be cheering you on!





Donna, Kathy, Carole and Karen, of Oxford City & County Bowls Club,


charge their way through day 1 of the Ladies Fours Competition at the Royal Leamington Spa, Bowls England National Championships.

With a great win in the morning, followed by another win in the afternoon, they are now in the Last 16 due to be played this morning (Wed 7th July) at 9.30.


If they manage to win that game, they will progress to the Quarter-Final at 2pm

Come-on you Girls!



What a superb day at Newbury Racecourse on Tuesday 6th July 2019.


Oxford City & County Bowls Club President John Jarvis organised a Coach trip from the Clubhouse to the Racecourse, which was enjoyed by everybody

(and even more so by the on-course Bookmakers!)


A few winners, a few losers but a great experience for all. Thanks Mr President!


Look under "IMAGE GALLERY" in Main Menu 
to see photos from 
The Sobell House Charity Day
held at Oxford City & County Bowls Club on
Saturday 13th July!
On Saturday 27th July, there will be a small Celebration to Dedicate the Opening of the New Conservatory
Drinks and Nibbles will be available 6.30-7.00pm
Another Landmark in the continuing modernisation of the Club and it's Facilities and our thanks go to all those that helped to make it possible.
Oxford City & County Bowls Club
whether you bowl Outdoors on either of the 2 large Greens or Indoors on the 6 Rinks
The Pride of the South!













Oxford City and County Bowls Club remember


Irene Molyneux


with great affection



It is with deep regret that we have to report the passing of One of Oxford City & County Bowls Club outstanding Bowlers


Irene Molyneux played for the Club, Oxfordshire County and England,

winning the

Gold Medal in the fours and the Bronze Medal in the Pairs

at the World Outdoor Bowls Championships at Toronto

in 1981.


Irene also held Two National Champion Titles in 1991 and 1996


Funeral arrangements will be published as soon as they are known


A FANTASTIC 'Runaway' Home win for Oxford City & County 'A' against Adderbury on Thursday evening with all 4 rinks taking maximum 6 points in the important Division 2 'Head of the Table' battle. 

The Chris Lewis team of Lewis/ Lopez/Richens/Mazey were the star performers of the night with a 22-7 on rink 2.


AND THE 'B' TEAM also keep their new found winning ways with another amazing 'Full House' win with all 4 rinks taking superb WINS against the away match with Oxford University Press.

Bob Heavens, Ken Buckingham, Terry Gripe and Mark Plested all skipped their teams to a resounding 6-0 point advantage and begin to close the gap in the Oxfordshire Division 4 table standings



'B'Team Skips Strut their Style in front of Oxford C&CBC roving reporter and Photographer Geoff Powell










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An absolutely FABULOUS Day for our very own J.J (John Jarvis) on his President's Day at
Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

It started with a 'Spider' for a bottle of Bubbly and 'fizzed' for the rest of the afternoon!
Thanks to all the Visitors from other Clubs who br
ought a Team
and all the 'City & County' Members who made them doubly welcome.
It didn't matter who won, because the day was such a success with over £500 collected for
the Presidents Charity 'Dementia Oxfordshire'








Happy Birthday to Peter Boyle


......and what a Great Cake from his Family to help Celebrate this super occasion. 


The Renovations to the Oxford City & County Bowls Club Conservatory are progressing fast


......another improvement from your Management  and Projects Team that makes this Club the Very Best in the whole Area!






Club President John Jarvis and Vice President Chris Lewis

started the new season with a 'Spider' Competition for a beautiful 1 Litre bottle of Grouse Whisky that had been very kindly donated by JOHN HOLDEN, one of our in-door Players.

Our sincere thanks to you John!

The 'Spider' was followed by a hard fought 6-rink game in stunning weather between sides supporting The President and Vice-President.