On the road again


ANOTHER .....City and County player Jane Murphy has also booked her place at the National Championships Finals held at Royal Leamington Spa in August, by winning the Berkshire County Fours Championship, for the Third Consecutive Year.

Jane along with her team mates Sally Gilbert, Helen Moore, & Jane Porter, beat Readings Linda Robinson four 24 -14 in the final, held yesterday at the Island Bohemian Bowling Club.

Jane play's all her National Competitions from her parent club Didcot, who unfortunately play under the banner of The Royal County of Berkshire, although it's situated well and truly, within the borders of Oxfordshire.






Out of curiosity, I asked Jane a couple of years ago, as to why it was, she dose not play out of City & County full time ? Apparently her Grandfather was a founder member of Didcot Bowls Club back in the late 60's, and spent many hours around the green playing and watching Grandad play, eventually taking up the game at the tender age of 11 and throughout her early teens she could be found either rolling up, or playing for Didcot in local fixtures. At the age of 16 Jane, and Jane Sandalls (Porter) also 16, were the among the youngest players to reach the National Women's Finals at Leamington to represent The Royal County of Berkshire, in the Women's Pairs Championships........ What happened Next ????

She decided to take a SHORT break from bowls "roughly 26 years to be exact" ...... why? ........

the only answer I could get from her was "Boyfriend, Husband, Children, Starting a Business". in that order.

A few years ago now, she woke up and found all the Children had grown up, Business doing okay, free time became a reality again, picked up the woods and went to join Mum back at Didcot B.C.

From then on in, she seemed to have picked up from where she left off,

2010 RCBBA Ladies Unbadged Singles Winner,

2012 RCBBA Ladies Champion of Champions Winner,

2012 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winner,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Benevolent Triples Winners,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winners,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Champion of Champions Winner, 

2014 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winners.


Okay what's she done for City & County then ??


OWIBA ... Singles Champion 2013

OWIBA ... Fours Champions 2013  ( Margaret Stacey, Jan Lovegrove, Jeanette Berry.)

OWIBA ... Triples Champions 2014 ( Jacky Grey, Julie Jackson )

OWIBA ... Pairs Champions 2014    ( Jacky Grey )

Not much really .......... :)