Club Matches

We recently hosted touring teams from Desborough (Northampton) and Torbay.

In the match with Desborough over the ten rinks the score was tied at 157 shots each. It seemed that everybody enjoyed the day with some just managing to finish before the heavy shower.

The buffet put on by Jenny and her team went down well, with all the players and visitors.

Our thanks go to The Oxford and Abingdon bowls clubs for supplying a rink for this match.

The next day we were hosts to the Torbay Tourists which again provided an enjoyable game with City & County winning by 171 to 140 shots.


Ladies County Competitions

Congratulations to the following members for qualifying to play at Leamington:

2 Wood Singles

Jeanette Berry and Carol Gaskins



Katherine Hawes and Donna Knight


Katherine Hawes, Donna Knight and Gail Gilkes

Vicky Harrison, Margaret Stacey and Jackie Gray


Congratulations also to Katherine Hawes for helping England retain British Isles Women's Bowls Council international team title.


In the men's county competitions we do have any players who will play in the finals at Leamington.


Club Outing

This year we went to Clevedon. Before the match we had a buffet lunch on the front at Weston Super Mare. Once again the buffet was provided by Chris and Gerry McGrath of The Kings Arms, The Moors, Kidlington which was enjoyed by everyone.

There was some confusion as Clevedon were only expecting to play 5 rinks but we had six.

However as usual our Captain Bryan Flitter managed to overcome this by getting two of their players to join in and play a triple. The match was won by City & County.

Our thanks to Helen Kingsley and Colin Pollard for organising such a wonderful day.