Update on Mary Bateman. 


 Mary is now out of isolation. Sadly she’s still a little weak on her pins and reliant on a push chair and a member of staff to get around but she can now  mix with the other residents of Glebe House and much more cheerful for it and I understand took part the bingo this week. 


Obviously still no in house visiting but it is possible to talk to her if a member of staff is available to bring her to the door or a convenient outside facing window.  Conversation is difficult but just about possible,  I find ten minutes is enough to cheer her up. If anyone would like to visit I suggest give Glebe house a call first on 01865 841859 and evenings after six is a good time.


She says the staff are kind and she is well fed... too well with three course dinners. ( I should be so lucky)?

She sends her best wishes to all and a thank you for enquiries after her health.


Keith Croxon