Julie and I would like to say ‘Hello’ to all our many Friends, Acquaintances and fellow Bowlers.

We are both fine and hope everyone else is too.


Isn’t it just so annoying, that when we are currently experiencing one of the best weather periods in Springtime for some years, here we are under lockdown, and thus unable to enjoy in any form the sport we oldies and those not so old, all love- The Game of Bowls.


These distressing times, do have some benefits, one of the most important is time, time to do all those jobs we have been putting off as- we can always do it tomorrow- at least that’s frequently been my excuse!


Time, has in one way been very beneficial to us, as family history has always been one of my interests. Looking into Julie’s family past, I came across an appeal on the internet that someone in New Zealand has posted in 2007 seeking news about their father. Recognising one of the names, I started digging, this resulted in a Facebook search, an off the cuff call to New Zealand and Lo and Behold, Julie now has a whole host of new cousins on the other side of the world and the original enquirer, some answers.

The moral of this story is, as Her Majesty said last evening- 'Never give up, never despair.'

Those five pearls of wisdom equally apply to us as members of our fabulous Club. By the time you may read this, Boris will hopefully have given us an indication of what he hopes will be the way forward.


Sadly, although I truly hope I am wrong, I think because of our age demographic and the fact that particularly indoors, 2 meter separation is very difficult we may be some months off restarting.


Although I am no longer part of the Club’s Management, if that situation does turn out to be the future, then the Club is going to need our help to survive. One way we could all do that, despite the pain it would cause some, I would encourage you all to pay your subs in September/ October, even should play be delayed for a short while longer.


I should say these are entirely my personal views, I have not discussed them with anyone.

Finally we would like to remind everyone to STAY SAFE.


Richard and Julie Jackson