Saturday 9th May.  My Presidents Day!!. 

The people who attended my day had a really good time, as you can see from the photo. 

As you will notice the SHABBY CHIC dress code was enthusiasticly adopted.




I could go down in Club history as the only President ever to do absolutely nothing, not even have a Presidents day and everyone will understand it is not my fault.  Well there's a first.


On a more serious note good news from Chris Lewis last week.  Thanks Chris for all your work.

What have I been doing this week?... Gardening,... my potato is doing well.  The Peonies are just flowering and I had my first red poppy open for VE day.


I have been working for Sobell planning what needs to be done to prepare for the Shops to open.

On a Sobell note if anyone has donations they want rid of,  drop them off at the Club and I will arrange a pick up.  I call in on Mondays as I pass the door.

I have included a couple of jokes hope they make you smile.

Remember keep fit keep safe.