The David Nash 'BIG QUIZ' No 6


But first, the ANSWERS to Quiz No.5!




1  Valetta

2  Richard Branson

3  Dusty Bin

4  Jack the Ripper

5  Alfred Nobel

6  Hot Chocolate

7  Dick Francis

8  High Noon

9  Eddie Fisher

10 Lily the Pink


Quiz No.6


1 The Captain Tom hit 'You'll never walk alone' comes from which musical

2  If a dish is described as Lyonnaise what ingredient must it have

3  What is the longest mountain range in the world

4  In the film Indiana Jones and the last crusade who played young Indiana.

5  Name the Famous 5 dog

6  Who was the first winner of the Wimbledon mens singles in the open era

7  Who was the narrator of the Wombles on TV

8  After VE day where did the 3 Allied leaders confer on the way forward

9  Where was Cliff Richard born

10 According to Cole Porter in the old days what was looked on as something shocking