Mary Bateman.


There is little change  to report, she is still bright and relatively cheerful under the circumstances but regretfully any talk of her going home has been put on hold again due to a second positive case of the virus in Glebe house. This has meant that all residents are confined to their rooms again and probably will be for several more days.  This means that she can no longer be brought to the entrance for conversation although it is possible to have a quick chat via an open window of her room.   

This may be a little premature but many of you may remember that on the 11 June 4 years ago there was a surprise party held at the club to celebrate her 90th birthday, sad to say no such luck this year but I am sure she would be more than delighted if members, particularly her old friends, could perhaps drop a card to Glebe House to celebrate her 94th

Should she be back home or has been relocated by that date I will make sure all mail reaches her.