ANSWERS to Last weeks Questions

1  Alexander Armstrong

2  Catherine Cookson

3  Owl

4  Athens

5  Hamlet

6  Pie in the Sky

7  Woodrow Wilson

8  Snake

9  Richard Branson 

10 Suzie



1  Temple Meads is the main station of which English city

2  What is the common name of the plant Impatiens

3  Which TV talent show discovered Victoria Wood and Lennie Henry

4  What does OPEC stand for

5  Who was assassinated by Nathuram Godse in 1948

6  What is the cricket competition between Australian States called

7  What is the capital of Syria 

8  From which particular  animal do you get Mohair 

9  What was the name of Rick Mayall's dodgy MP in The new statesman

10 Which major hit makers of the 70's likes the letter Z

Many thanks to David and Sandy for organizing these superb 'Lockdown' quizzes----You never know, some of these questions might come up in the Winter Social Quizz at the Club, so make sure you pay attention!