ANSWERS for Last Week's Quiz

1  Bristol

2  Bizzie Lizzie

3  New Faces

4  Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

5  Gandhi 

6  Sheffield Shield

7  Damascus 

8  Angora goat

9  Alan B'stard

10 Slade




1  Which TV family lived in Bedrock

2  What colour is the inner circle of an archery target

3  Before he was President Ronald Reagan  was governor  of which State

4  In which sitcom did Richard Briers play Martin Bryce

5  The Beaufort scale measures what

6  Who was the first footballer to be Knighted

7  Who was Bruce's original  assistant on the Generation Game

8  What is the longest snake

9  In the Eagle Comic who was the pilot of the future

10 'On the sidewalk Sunday morning lies a body just oozing life'  who was sneaking round the corner