ANSWERS to Last Week

1  Flintstones

2  Gold

3  California 

4  Ever decreasing  circles

5  Wind speed

6  Stanley Matthews

7  Anthea Redfern

8  Reticulated python

9  Dan Dare

10 Mack the knife




1  Name the 2 gangs in West side story

2  Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool from which club

3  Who got Ba ba black sheep's 3rd bag of wool

4  What is the longest river in Europe

5  Which element is two thirds of the human body

6  What was the name of Jennifer Saunders character in Ab Fab

7  What is the largest planet in our solar system

8  What do Americans call crisps

9  What is the largest terrestrial carnivore 

10 When according to Rogers and Hammerstein may you see a stranger across a crowded room