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EXTRA INFORMATION from Keith Croxon, to be read in conjuction with the main message below:-Mary Bateman visiting.  

Mary is still well but regret that situation has changed and following  new government guidance I have been informed that until further notice, only a nominated visitor is allowed. 

Relatives obviously having preference that will be her Son and not me although I will be kept up to date.Still bright as a button and happy, (helped by the fact she now has less of a hearing problem). 


On a recent visit she said to me that considering the circumstances she felt that she couldn’t be in a better place. the staff are kind and caring she has a comfortable bed, 

No housework, no cooking, washing up or laundry, on top of that she gets three meals a day with a pud at lunchtime and evening if she wants one (which is a darned sight more than I get) and Rosemary drops her a chatty card pretty well every week which she enjoys (Thank you Rosemary) 

Visiting is slightly better now with an appointment system and a 15 minute slot but still a two metre  distancing regime and of course masks.  With the improved weather the last few weeks visiting has been much more social because they have been outside under a nice covered area. 

If anyone has the time she would be more than happy to see a new face, just ring Glebe house on 01865841859 and ask when it would be convenient, I think mid afternoons are probably best. 

She sends her best wishes to all club members with an added ‘Take care’.


From your roving reporter, Keith Croxon