Start of Leagues, November 2020


Rules of Play


Dear Members,

In this complicated season the start of indoor league play is intended to commence at the beginning on November 2020. With the strict need to comply with the club covid-19 precautions, social distancing and sanitising measures are vital to be enforced both for individual safety and for the safety of the club to remain open for play. With this in mind please will you remember the following points:

i) Social distancing

We recognise that many of you will not have seen each other for several months but please keep your social distance of 2 metres at all times especially once you are enjoying a game and concentration gets focussed on the play.

ii) Sanitising

You will be asked to sanitise your hands on entering the club and will need to sign in to record your presence at the club every time you attend. During play, there will be sanitiser bottles at various places around the green, in toilets and at other places. Use these whenever you feel the need but please handle objects as little as possible and not other people’s bowls and belongings. 

iii) Masks/ Face shields (EIBA information 25/9/20)

These must be worn on entering the club and in preparation for play. Once in the club individuals are permitted to remove the face covering for the following actions: -

• When on the rink bowling with 2 metre social distancing in place, due to partaking in exercise.

  • Due to a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability.

If you are using the social distancing of 1 metre, rather than 2 metre, then the players need to

wear a face covering to provide a mitigating action to reduce the risk of transmission.
Face shields are much more comfortable than a mask and are well worth considering as a face protection.

iv) Instruction notices 

Several information and instruction notices have been displayed on the entrance door and around the club space. Please pay attention to these and follow instructions.
v) Supervision

At all leagues and other play sessions, there will be a non-playing ‘supervisor’ present to monitor that social distancing and sanitising rules are followed. This person is not there to boss you around but simply to help inform you of new procedures and covid safety rules during play and around the club. Please cooperate if you are asked to do something as it will be for your good and the safety of others and for the benefit of the club.


All leagues this season have been converted to 3-wood triples to facilitate social distancing on each rink. To assist in this the green has been remarked so that only five rinks are now present making each rink slightly wider than previously.

Some rule changes

Most of the league rules of play are the same as in previous years and are stated in last years indoor handbook. However, in anticipation of possible difficulties arising we have altered a small number of the rules FOR THIS SEASON.

Team registrations - Rule 9

Most teams were registered before the covid lockdown and were eight members for rink play. In the present circumstances where all leagues are now triples, we have allowed teams to stay with up to eight members although in previous years there should only be seven maximum.

Absence of a player - Rule 13a 

In the absence of a player in a triples match, the two remaining players use 4 woods each. The opposition team, the lead uses 2 woods and the second and skip play 3 woods each. The two-player team loses one third of their points scored.

Team with absence of player on more than three occasions losses additional 6 points - Rule 13b

For this season as we anticipate more absenteeism due to illness, need to quarantine or other reasons, rule 13b - loss of six points by a team with one absent player on more than three occasions, will not be applied.

Wednesday Evening Mixed League  - Rule 16a; Thursday Evening Mixed League - Rule 16b

In both these mixed leagues the captain should ALWAYS schedule a mixed team to play on every occasion. However, if at short notice, only the two same sex members are available to play, this will be allowed and the one-third point reduction will be applied.

Failure to play a league game - Rule 17

This rule will be strictly enforced if a team fails to notify their opposing team of their inability to attend at least 24 hours before the game is scheduled. Postponed games must be agreed with the League Secretary.

Number of Ends
The Tuesday Evening and Friday Evening leagues are to be reduced to 14 ends as 3-wood triples will take longer to complete than 2-wood fours.
The Wednesday Evening league is already 14 ends and the Thursday Evening league is timed at two hours.

All other leagues will be run over a two-hour time period.

Start Times

Monday midday league will now start at 12.30pm and players will not be allowed to enter the club until 12.15pm to allow time for the previous league to vacate the hall and cleaning to occur.


Thank you for your co-operation with all of the above.


Allister Smith

Chair, Indoor Committee