Hi one and all, it's the Chief Prattler again!


What's new this Week?


Snowdrops are out and I have seen loads, I have a crocus out, daffs are nearly there but not quite.

Now it's February we should start seeing lots of new growth in the garden, and hopefully less rain.

Thanks to those people who phoned to say they would be available to play out-doors on Monday mornings, I have a list of about 18 currently & remember.... the more the merrier. Please let anyone know who does not use the Web Site.

If anyone has any ideas about fund raising please let me or a member of the management committee know as we need to continue to raise money to ensure the long term future of the club.

As you will be well aware the club has lost all income streams from matches, leagues and the bar.  I am quite happy to work with you or run a Fund Raiser, if you have an idea just let me know. (01865 434006)

Enough from me just remember Keep Safe Keep Well