Indoor Committee Report from the Chair - April 2021


The Indoor AGM is scheduled for April 8th, 2021. However, in view of the current circumstances we are not intending to hold a public meeting. Instead I have composed the following statement which I hope will inform members of the situation for indoor play at the club. 


With the non-event of the indoor season for the 2020/2021 year and the cancellation of the Indoor AGM last year the preparation of this report feels remarkably hollow. Obviously, external events have taken things somewhat out of our control and everything is focussed on meeting health and social requirements relating to corona-virus. Slowly, things are looking more positive and we can only hope that the coming year will be more favourable for our activities. EIBA have outlined how the current government easing of lockdown may affect indoor bowls allowing for things meeting requirements at the various target dates, and their document is available to be viewed on the club webpage. 


Since last April the indoor play area has had a good spring clean, though another one is probably due; the playing area has been marked up as five rinks to allow extra social spacing for players; the access and walkway areas have been marked up for social distancing; hand sanitiser provision has been placed around the hall; a fogging machine for quick and efficient spraying of sanitiser solution was purchased; and new and improved ventilation provision has been arranged for the playing area. All of this merits a huge thank you to the members who gave their time to assist with these things and who continued to offer their services with regard to the planning of the measures deemed necessary to enable play to have occurred should this have been possible.


League play and friendly games against other clubs all had to be cancelled in the past season but the League Secretaries and team captains did a terrific job in keeping contact with their teams so well done and thank you for all the efforts. 


It is still uncertain what will happen in the next winter season but we shall soon be planning, on paper at least, the league arrangements for the coming year. Please can members and team captains respond as quickly as possible when requests for information are made as delays make it extremely difficult to plan playing schedules and late information leads to much inconvenience in rearranging these schedules. One must think positively about such things so let’s hope we can progress successfully.


In the same way, a programme of summer play may be devised so that this can be put in place as soon as is permissable and to be in conjunction with whatever play takes place outdoors.


When the time comes for indoor play to resume, it will be essential for all members to remember that precautionary measures like social distancing, hand washing, sanitising and mask wearing will still be important aspects for play, so, stay alert and let us progress safely in these uncertain and difficult times.


As part of our requirements to ensure safe play we consider it important that whenever there is organised indoor play, then there will be present a non-playing member to act as a ‘supervisor’ to encourage people to keep socially distanced and to ensure safety procedures are followed. This arrangement is intended to keep everyone present safe and also so that the club can remain open in the long term. Please bear with us in this connection and if you can offer any occasions when you would be prepared to act as an observing ‘supervisor’, please let any member of the committee know. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 


On a personal note, I shall be leaving the indoor committee as private demands are occupying much of my time and, as these must take precedence, I feel that I cannot give the effort to manage bowls requirements as well. I must thank enormously the members of the indoor committee who have been a fantastic support over the past couple of years I have chaired this group. They are a wonderful team who from my perspective, have worked extremely well together and have given freely of their time, ideas and effort. Frequently, they exist in the background and especially in the past year they have dealt with, and continue to deal with, all of the issues that this totally unexpected covid situation has forced upon us. While committee decisions may sometimes seem a frustration to members, please remember that this small group are trying to act for the best interests of many so please support them in what they do.


Gary and Jacky Gray also will be stepping down this year from the Indoor Committee. For many years, these two have been responsible for organising amongst other things, the Men’s and Women’s Indoor Club competitions and we give them much thanks for their considerable efforts in making these competitions such successful and fun occasions.


Earlier in the year the Indoor Committee Secretary, Gill Scott, had to step down for personal reasons after three years in this position. Again, very many thanks to Gill for her record keeping and for ensuring that we were reminded to fulfil our commitments resulting from our decision making. 


The remaining members of the Indoor Committee will be Jeanette Berry, Annie and Clive Bristow, Lorraine Gaskins, Mike Hine, Vera Logue, Rosemary Phelps, Sam Watts and Denise Whitehead.


The Indoor Committee will need a few more members to join this group to help share the work load and decision making about all aspects of indoor play. This is a great way to find out about what is involved in planning the everyday activities of indoor bowls. If any club member would be prepared to consider becoming a committee member then please let me or any of the above members know before the end of March. Your time and effort will be very much appreciated. The present remaining Indoor Committee is at only a little over half strength meaning that they have to do much more than is fair to ask of them. Remember that in order for all the club activities to take place, that these have to be organised and administered by volunteers. It is vitally important that some of you step up to help in this way so please, give it some thought and have a go. 


Thank you to you all for your support and my very best wishes to you all. Take care and stay safe.


Allister Smith



EIBA statement regarding Indoor Bowls

Following the Prime Minister’s Statement to Parliament this week on how the Government propose to ease lockdown restrictions and offer the Country a route back to a more normal life, the EIBA can summarise what this means for the sport of Indoor Bowls in England: -


Step 1   No earlier than 29th March 2021               

  • Indoor Bowls Clubs to remain closed, unless Clubs have arrangements with schools for pupils to participate in after school clubs.


Step 2   No earlier than 12th April 2021

  • Indoor bowls clubs will be able to open and have individuals or people from the same household play on the same rink.
  • Club shops will be able to open.
  • Club bar and restaurant only able to serve people outside via table service.


Step 3   No earlier than 17th May 2021

  • Indoor bowls clubs will be able to allow up to 6 bowlers from different households or members of 2 households on a rink.
  • Club Bar and Restaurant will be able to serve people indoors via table service for up to 6 people or members of 2 households.


Step 4   No earlier than 21st June 2021

  • It is hoped that all limits on social contact are removed and Indoor Bowls can return to normal.


At all stages the Government will make decisions on specific restrictions such as social distancing, face coverings, vaccination certificates etc so these will need to be factored in the planning prior to any re-opening.


Please note that the provisional dates for each step may change if the government believes it is not safe to move to the next phase.


The EIBA will continue to update its Clubs, Counties and bowlers once more details are received for each step.


Peter Thompson

Chief Executive



This can also be viewed on the EIBA website