CITY & COUNTY Girls claim National Fours title




Oxfordshire's Myra Lewis, Donna Knight, Gail Gilkes and Katherine Hawes have won the Bowls England Women's National Fours Championship, sponsored by Dorset Bowls Resort.

The quartet, from Oxford City & County BC, defeated Maggie Edwards, Jasmin Spear, Yvonne McKee and Brenda Bishop from Kingsthorpe BC, Northamptonshire, in the final held this afternoon at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.

Earlier the Kingsthorpe four had beaten defeated Maggie Jordan, Joyce Evans, Joanna Richman and Linda Kingston (Highworth BC, Wiltshire) in the first semi-final whilst Oxfordshire progressed thanks to a victory against Sheila Short, Jackie Branfield, Laura Holden and Stef Branfield (Clevedon BC, Somerset).


Kingsthorpe BC, Northamptonshire (B Bishop) bt Highworth BC, Wiltshire (L Kingston) 23-11;
Oxford City & County BC, Oxfordshire (K Hawes) bt Clevedon BC, Somerset (S Branfield) 21-20;

Oxford City & County BC, Oxfordshire (K Hawes) bt Kingsthorpe BC, Northamptonshire (B Bishop) 25-15;



Well the weather was very kind to us, and the response we had was more than pleasing,…….it was a delight to welcome so many people, most of whom are new to our great game.
I think they were surprised at what they found and the welcome they received…….as we often say, its Oxfords Best Kept Secret!….and just importantly for us, it was our great pleasure to welcome new friends. Hey, and forget about the adults for a moment, delighted to see nine year old Zoe (a star in the making I am sure) and her parents there as well - great supporters of the club.
Without exception, after being 'meeted and greeted' and shown around, everyone did not take much persuading to 'have a go'… you can imagine our Coaches, Rosemary and Graham were kept busy……ably supported in one way or another from 'our gang' consisting of Chairman Peter Phelps, our President Margaret Stacy - whilst John Stacy, Colin Pollard, Alan Keen, Helen Kingsley,Shirley Crick,Tony and Vera Logue and Bob Scholes added their colour to the tapestry on view during the event.
Jenny providing excellent food as ever and Spencer doing his bit behind the bar.
Almost all of our new friends have either booked, or expressed a desire to have lessons…… hopefully as time goes on we shall see more new members joining our throng - and most welcome they will be too….great stuff guys.
Bob Scholes




This continues to be very popular and is flourishing with the two roll-ups each week (Monday and Thursday mornings), a league on Wednesday mornings and a pairs competition running throughout the season as well.



There were only two friendly matches in July, one being a re-arranged Ladies Triples Match away against Abingdon.  Just as we were about to set foot on the green, we had a very heavy shower but fortunately it didn't last too long and we were able to ditch the wets.  After early resistance from the Abingdon Ladies, we drew ahead to win the match.   The other game was a mens triples match away against Hagbourne.  We came second on this occasion and a very pleasant but hot afternoon was had by all.

There are several matches arranged for August and we desperately need more names.  Please, please sign up where you can.  One of the games is against a touring side (Shanklin) who are visiting us at the end of August and we need a lot of players for this one.



Please note that the date for this has changed from Friday 8th August and will now be on   Friday 15th August.     There will be a BBQ and entertainment by Joe Holio.



This year's President's Day will be on the above date commencing at 2.30 p.m. with a spider, followed by the usual game and a three course meal afterwards with wine.  I have visiting rinks coming on this occasion so please come andjoin in this my special day.   Everyone welcome.



On a very hot, sunny Sunday 24 teams of triples had a great fun day to raise money for Sobell House in memory of Gavin Anderson.   A grand total of just over £1500 was raised which Marilyn was very pleased to accept on behalf of Sobell House.  The trophy winners were Gary Gray, Alan Keen and Jacky Gray.



On a another fine sunny day, 16 Ladies teams from around the County had a great day's competitive bowling in this annual event organised and run by Helen Kingsley.  A fuller report can be read elsewhere on the website or on the Ladies Notice Board at the Club.   However,  no team won all their matches and the runners-up - Linda Price, Jenny Banton and Joyce Clark from Headington - only lost out to the winners, Carol Penson, Carol Gaskins and myself by a shot difference of 6!




Paul Comley is through to the semi-final of the Longford Cup which will be played to a finish at South Oxford on Sunday 3rd August.  Go for it Paul!



Our Club hosted this event on 26th/27th July.  Donna Knight became Two Wood County Champion defeating Carol Galletly (Banbury Central) in a very close game while Kathy Hawes became the Four Wood Singles County Champion overcoming Carol Penson, another C & C player.  Next day, however, Carol together with Carol Gaskins, Marion Darton and your truly became the Fours County Champions beating Kathy, Donna Knight, Myra Lewis and Sue Mayo.  The County Triples and Pairs finals are to be played on Sunday 7th September and will run alongside our own Club Finals Day.



I am very pleased to report that Mike Petersen and Alan Ley have won through to the Mens Senior Pairs Finals.  Many congratulations gentlemen. Alan first qualified for National Championship Finals back in the 1960's (!!) when the men's finals were played at Mortlake.  He subsequently also played at Worthing where the Men's Championships have been for many years. As from this year, however, the Men's Competitions and Championships are being played at Leamington so not so far to go now to have a day out on August 15th to cheer our two "Seniors" on.  There must be very few men who can boast of  having played the National Finals at three different venues.  Donna Knight  is also through to the Champion of Champions defeating Jackie Squires from Milton Keynes to book her place at Leamington.


The Ladies National Competitions etc. commence  August 2nd and unbelievably we have a representative in every one of the ladies disciplines this year!!  Must be a record surely. Well done ladies. Schedule is as follows-supporters welcome.


Junior Singles       -  Aug 3/4        Katie Glenn

Senior Pairs          -  Aug 3/4/5     Carol Penson & Carol Gaskins

Fours                    -  Aug 5/6/7     G. Gilkes, K.Hawes, D.Knight & M.Lewis

                                                     C.Penson, C.Gaskins, M.Darton & M.Stacey

Champ of Champs -  Aug 6/7     Donna Knight

4 Wood Singles     -  Aug 7/8/9      Kathy Hawes and Carol Penson

Senior Singles       -  Aug 8/10       Myra Lewis

Triples                  -  Aug l0-13      K.Hawes, G.Gilkes & D.Knight

                                                     J.Berry, S.Mayo & M.Lewis

2 Wood Singles    -   Aug 12/13     D. Knight

Pairs                    -   Aug 13-16     G.Gilkes & M.Lewis

Junior Pairs          -   Aug 16/17     Katie Glenn & Amy Stone


Kathy Hawes and Howard Watts (Headington) have also won through to National Mixed Pairs finals at Leamington.  Well done again.



Our Mens League A team is through to this semi-final against Witney Town which will be played at South Oxford in the evening of Thursday 14th       August.  So go along and give our lads all the support you can. 





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Makes you think!





President Margaret                                                                  2nd August 2014



This year's competition took place on a very warm, sunny day - Monday 28th July with 16 teams from various Clubs in the area entering for this annual event.  


After three games, only two teams had won all their games so with one game to go, who would it be - Caroline Bloomfield (Witney Town) or Jeanette Berry (C & C)?  Caroline then played Carol Penson (C & C) and Jeanette played Jane Murphy (Didcot) in their final games. However, both teams lost giving a completely different picture on the final results as follows:-


FIRST PRIZE  -  £100

Carol Penson, Carol Gaskins                      3 wins + 1 draw

& Margaret Stacey   (C & C)                               Shot difference +18



Linda Price, Jenny Banton                          3 wins + 1 draw

& Joyce Clark   (Headington)                               Shot difference +12



Jane Murphy, Helen Moore                        3 wins

& Sally Gilbert   (Didcot)                                     Shot difference + 18


We were very pleased to welcome Ellen Clarke's sister-in-law, Vera Church, who is now 94 years young, who came along with Ken Meadley

(Ellen Clarke's nephew) to present the trophy and prize monies.



Our grateful thanks must go to Helen Kingsley for all her hard work in organising this competition and to her assistants (Betty Marriott, Sylvia Holmes and Shelagh Amor) who all contributed to a very successful day.

City And County Line Up for the National Seniors Championships at Leamington

Oxford City & County's Carol Gaskins and Carol Penson will compete in the women's pairs competition.

They beat Kidlington's Eileen O'Shea and Pat Hunt 28-7 after 16 ends,

and will be in first round action on Sunday, August 3.

Clubmates Alan Ley and Mike Peterson will be in the men's pairs,

which begin on Friday, August 15.

City & County will also be represented in the ladies' singles, after Myra Lewis beat Mo Cox (Banbury Central) 21-20.

Her campaign starts on Saturday, August 9,

On the road again


ANOTHER .....City and County player Jane Murphy has also booked her place at the National Championships Finals held at Royal Leamington Spa in August, by winning the Berkshire County Fours Championship, for the Third Consecutive Year.

Jane along with her team mates Sally Gilbert, Helen Moore, & Jane Porter, beat Readings Linda Robinson four 24 -14 in the final, held yesterday at the Island Bohemian Bowling Club.

Jane play's all her National Competitions from her parent club Didcot, who unfortunately play under the banner of The Royal County of Berkshire, although it's situated well and truly, within the borders of Oxfordshire.






Out of curiosity, I asked Jane a couple of years ago, as to why it was, she dose not play out of City & County full time ? Apparently her Grandfather was a founder member of Didcot Bowls Club back in the late 60's, and spent many hours around the green playing and watching Grandad play, eventually taking up the game at the tender age of 11 and throughout her early teens she could be found either rolling up, or playing for Didcot in local fixtures. At the age of 16 Jane, and Jane Sandalls (Porter) also 16, were the among the youngest players to reach the National Women's Finals at Leamington to represent The Royal County of Berkshire, in the Women's Pairs Championships........ What happened Next ????

She decided to take a SHORT break from bowls "roughly 26 years to be exact" ...... why? ........

the only answer I could get from her was "Boyfriend, Husband, Children, Starting a Business". in that order.

A few years ago now, she woke up and found all the Children had grown up, Business doing okay, free time became a reality again, picked up the woods and went to join Mum back at Didcot B.C.

From then on in, she seemed to have picked up from where she left off,

2010 RCBBA Ladies Unbadged Singles Winner,

2012 RCBBA Ladies Champion of Champions Winner,

2012 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winner,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Benevolent Triples Winners,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winners,

2013 RCBBA Ladies Champion of Champions Winner, 

2014 RCBBA Ladies Fours Winners.


Okay what's she done for City & County then ??


OWIBA ... Singles Champion 2013

OWIBA ... Fours Champions 2013  ( Margaret Stacey, Jan Lovegrove, Jeanette Berry.)

OWIBA ... Triples Champions 2014 ( Jacky Grey, Julie Jackson )

OWIBA ... Pairs Champions 2014    ( Jacky Grey )

Not much really .......... :)



BOWLS: Shiplake's triple roll back the years to reach nationals

Oxford Mail: Shiplake Village's Francis Benham, Graham Kennedy and David Bullock are off to Leamington Spa after their semi-final success
Photograph: Mervyn Gleeson
Shiplake Village's Francis Benham, Graham Kennedy and David Bullock are off to Leamington Spa after their semi-final success

Three senior citizens from Shiplake Village with a combined age of 211 years booked their place at the National Championships for the first time with a stunning victory in the Oxfordshire semi-finals.

Francis Benham, 2006 county president David Bullock and skip Graham Kennedy will play in the triples at Leamington Spa next month after recording a 24-15 win over Headington's Middleton Cup trio of twins Dean and Gary May and Remy Clanfield at Oxford City & County.

Their opponents in Sunday's final at Banbury Chestnuts will be Carterton's David Clanfield, Paul Sharman and Alan Prew.

Carterton had a battle against Banbury Central's Lee Wilkinson, Shane Cooper and Will Campion, who were only three shots adrift with two ends to play, but then saw their dreams shattered by a six and conceded the game on the 17th end.

Headington's Dean May staged a remarkable comeback to defeat his younger twin brother, Gary, 21-18 in the singles semi-final.

With Gary leading 18-6 and only requiring three more shots for victory, Dean stormed back to collect 15 shots over five ends without reply to move into the final.

There he will face Banbury Borough's Greg Moon, who finished strongly to claim a 21-16 win over fellow ex-international Prew.

The fours semi-finals set up an all-Headington decider between the rinks of John Nicholls, Ian Henwood, Jason King and Mark Charlett, and Mick Nash, Norman Rae, Paul Mabbutt and Nick Rae-Welsh.

Charlett's rink took early control of their game against the Banbury Borough's Keith Holloway, George Schwab, Richard Redford and Mark Sykes to triumph 18-14.

Rae-Welsh's four saw off City & County's Paul Lopez, Chris Lewis, Alan Ley and Mark Hancock 19-16.

Reigning pairs champions AJ Docherty and Calvin Carpenter, from Banbury Borough, came from behind to defeat Shiplake Village's Jim Bland and Barry Lambourne 21-15.

Fellow Borough bowlers George Schwab and Mark Sykes scraped through 18-17 against Carterton's Bob Wright, substituting for Roy Craig, and skip John Hicks.


Triples: L Wilkinson, S Cooper, W Campion (Banbury Central) lost to D Clanfield, P Sharman, A Prew (Carterton); D May, R Clanfield, G May (Headington) 15, F Benham, D Bullock, G Kennedy (Shiplake Village) 24.

Fours: M Nash, N Rae, P Mabbutt, N Rae-Welsh (Headington) 19, P Lopez, C Lewis, DA Ley, M Hancock (Oxford City & County) 16; J Nicholls, J Henwood, J King & M Charlett (Headington) 18, K Holloway, G Schwab, R Redford, M Sykes (Banbury Borough) 14.

Pairs: B Wright & J Hicks (Carterton) 17, G Schwab & M Sykes (Banbury Borough) 18; J Bland & B Lambourne (Shiplake Village) 15, AJ Docherty & C Carpenter (Banbury Borough) 21.

Singles: G May (Headington) 18, D May (Headington) 21; A Prew (Carterton) 16, Gr Moon (Banbury Borough) 21.


Fours (10am): M Nash, N Rae, P Mabbutt, N Rae-Welsh (Headington) v J Nicholls, I Henwood, J King, M Charlett (Headington).

Two wood singles (11am): N Lewis (Headington) v M Sykes (Banbury Borough).

Under 25s singles (11am): G Schwab (Banbury Borough) v S Watts (Watlington).

Triples (2pm): D Clanfield, P Sharman, A Prew (Carterton) v F Benham, D Bullock, G Kennedy (Shiplake Village).

Pairs (2pm): G Schwab & M Sykes (Banbury Borough) v AJ Docherty & C Carpenter (Banbury Borough).

Singles (2pm): D May (Headington) v Gr Moon (Banbury Borough).


Congratulations to Kathy Hawes who was in the Ladies England Team which recently competed and retained their title in the British Isles Womens Bowls Council International Team Competition which was held in Jersey.  Kathy played three to Penny Strong and their rink won three out of their four matches only losing by 1 shot in the other.



On a lovely sunny evening, a very successful Outdoor Club Night was held on Friday 6th  June with a BBQ  and entertainment by Summit.

The next BBQ will be on Friday 8th August and the music on this occasion will be by Joe Holio.

A notice is in the Clubhouse so please put your names down and come along for another enjoyable evening.

The Organisers do need to know how many of you will be there for catering purposes so get signing.



We had one touring side visit us last month from Long Stratton in Norfolk and a very enjoyable sunny afternoon was had by all.

This was a match which I took and I would like to thank all those members who played willingly, had their arms twisted, or were hijacked on the day. 


Please, please everyone, do sign up for the friendly matches that we have.  It makes life so much easier for the Captains if they have your support without having to beg and make innumerable telephone calls.  So far this year 5 matches have been cancelled and a further 3 for July have also been cancelled.  Not a very good record.  I know there have been a lot of clashes with various competitions and County events this year but friendly games are the life blood of any club and if members are only interested in playing County and National Competitions, we will not survive and neither, eventually, will the game of bowls itself.   Our fixture list is now only half the size it used to be and is shrinking yearly, one reason being through lack of support.  We cannot expect other clubs to visit us if we do not play the return matches. You have to put something back into the game and friendly games are essential to encourage and help newer bowlers to improve.  Remember we were all "green" once!



A Club Pairs Competition was held on Sunday 22nd June with Othman Sharif and Graham Kerr taking the top prize of £l00.  Jacky and Gary Gray were second and received £50 while Peter Boyle and Ken Buckingham came in third with £25.  Many thanks to all who entered and made the day a success and also to Colin Pollard for organising it.   I have heard a whisper that another pairs competition may be in the offing in July, so keep your eyes peeled on the match board for details.



A coach load of us set off on a Club Outing to Bournemouth on the 25th June where, on arrival, we had a super buffet lunch on the cliff top in brilliant sunshine.  The buffet was provided by Chris and Gerry McGrath of The Kings Arms, The Moors, Kidlington  and was quickly demolished by us.   Then a few energetic souls wound their way down to the beach and back up again, whilst others enjoyed the sunshine on the cliff top or had a cuppa in the café over the road which also happened to be the Argyll Bowls Club where we were due to play that afternoon.  As Argyll B.C.were short of players, 4 of our members played for them so that we could have a 6 rink match.    It was a lovely setting on the cliff top although the green proved to be a bit trickier than it looked, but we all enjoyed the experience and finally managed to win by l shot!  Well done C & C.




Our ladies are doing very well this year in the County Competitions with Donna Knight going through to the final of the 2 Wood Singles, Gail Gilkes and Myra Lewis in the pairs final and Kathy Hawes, Gail Gilkes and Donna Knight facing Jeanette Berry, Myra Lewis and Sue Mayo in the final of the triples.  As mentioned last month, Kathy Hawes and Carol Penson will also face each other in the 4 Wood Singles.  Katie Glenn is also through to the final of the Under 25's.  The Quarter and Semi-Finals of the Ladies County Fours is being played this weekend at Thame and three of our Ladies Fours have also qualified for this.  The County Finals are  on 26/27th July at City & County Bowls Club so please do come along and support our ladies.




Mark Hancock's Triple got through to the Quarter Finals of the Mens County Competition but then went out to Will Campion's team from Banbury.  However, Mark and his merry men (Alan Ley, Chris Lewis and Paul Lopez) are through to the Semi-Finals of the Mens County Fours which will be played at City & County Bowls Club at 10a.m. on Sunday 13th July, so come along and give our lads some support.



As part of our effort to attract new members, we are having an Open Day on Sunday 3rd August from 11a.m. onwards.  Spread the word - family, neighbours, friends, workmates etc. and bring them along to test the water.  It would be great if members who are available could drop in even for just a little while and help promote the Club and our wonderful game of bowls.  



Next September we will be hosting the Mens Home International Under 25's Competition. This is obviously a very prestigious event for us and there should be some very good games to watch.   More details at a later date. 





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President Margaret

City & County's triples progress to national championships

Oxford Mail: City & County's successful teams. Back row (from left): Gail Gilkes, Donna Knight, Katherine Hawes. Front: Myra Lewis, Sue Mayo, Jeanette Berry.
City & County's successful teams. Back row (from left): Gail Gilkes, Donna Knight, Katherine Hawes. Front: Myra Lewis, Sue Mayo, Jeanette Berry.

OXFORD City & County will have two ladies triples at the national championships next month after coming through qualifying.

Sue Mayo, Myra Lewis and skip Jeanette Berry won both their games to book a place at Leamington, alongside Katherine Hawes' three with Donna Knight and Gail Gilkes.


Quarter-final: C Penson 12, K Hawes 15; P Ilott 11, R McIntyre 21; A Gilkes 12, J Gray 15; J Berry 22, K Jupp 9.

Semi-final: K Hawes 33, R McIntyre 4; J Gray 10, J Berry 25.

BOWLS: Hawes facing new test with England

Oxford Mail: Katherine HawesKatherine Hawes

Katherine Hawes faces a journey into the unknown after being given a late call-up by holders England for the British Isles Women's International Series in Jersey, starting on Sunday.

The Oxford City & County star, who was in the team as England recorded a clean sweep of wins over Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Jersey in Glasgow last year, was originally named as a reserve.

But she gets her chance with Derbyshire's Jean Baker unwell.

Hawes will play No 3 in a rink skipped by Lincolnshire's Penny Strong, which also features Wor-cestershire's Sue Davies at lead and Derbyshire's Jo Skelton.

The England team is familiar territory for Hawes, but she and her teammates face a new test as they will be competing on an artificial green at Les Creux over the three days.

She said: "Until we get over there for practice it is a bit of an unknown.

"It is the first time an international series has been played on an artificial green.

"It should be quite interesting. Speaking to some of the Jersey girls, it is quite breezy there and it can be quite a tricky surface.

"Hopefully it will be a bit quicker than over here where the greens have been pushy."

Hawes also received a late call-up for England's indoor side in March when Baker was ill.

And she grabbed her opportunity in stunning fashion by being named player of the series as England retained the Clara Johns Trophy in Durham.

She added: "I will just take what happened from the indoors and try and play well outdoors, and if I do that I will be quite happy.

"Hopefully we can put it all together outdoors and come back with a success."