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Indoor Play Rules and Regulations


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INDOOR UPDATE  - Month of October and League play in November


As the indoor season approaches things are getting sorted and as publicised in the letter sent out with the membership renewals, we intend to allow casual play on certain days using 3 rinks during October. 


As a reminder these playing occasions are as follows:

Monday 12.00 - 16.00 (1hr 45mins play + 0.5h change over time)

Tuesday 10.00 - 12.00 (regular roll-up club triples)
Wednesday 16.00 - 20.00 (1hr 45mins play + 0.5h change over time)
Thursday 10.00 - 12.00 (regular roll-up club triples)
Friday 10.00 - 12.00 and 19.00 – 21.00


At the present time the club does not have a computer based facility for indoor rink bookings. As a consequence we need to invoke a paper system of advance booking as follows - remembering that at most only 18 people can play on any one occasion.



On Club Triples days, (Tuesday and Thursday) members are asked to come to the club at least 24 hours beforehand and sign their names on an attendance sheet on the reception desk. This will allow you to know that there is space for you to play. Once there are 18 names signed up to play then no other player will be allowed to attend on that occasion.

On the other playing sessions members can organise a group amongst themselves and book a rink at least 24 hours in advance.

When booking please remember to sanitise your hands on arrival at the club and write your name on the day sheet by the entrance door.

Outside of the above stipulated playing sessions, no play will be allowed as no supervisory person will be on site.


It is hoped to start the leagues in earnest at the beginning of November.

This start date may change allowing for all preparations to be in place. For the leagues we may need to use more than three rinks. This will be because some leagues have at least 8 teams to date wishing to play, there may be higher numbers of teams in due course.


Number of rinks to be used

We are intending to alter rink markings so that we have only five rinks marked on the carpet giving each rink an additional one meter in width. If only four rinks will be needed for play, the middle rink will be left clear so giving an extra meter or two for the two rinks on each side of the middle and the two end rinks can also use the side walkways for additional spacing area. If all five rinks are needed then allow for the fact these will be wider than at present to allow better spacing distance.



Additionally, in the next few weeks we are intending to increase the ventilation capacity in the hall by purchasing new ventilation fans. The fans will be used in addition to opening some of the external doors to allow better exchange of fresh air. 



The club has purchased a ‘fogging’ machine which produces a fine sanitiser spray. On each playing day this machine is used around the playing area before any play starts so that the whole area is sanitised. Thereafter during the day, members are required to hand sanitise and to wipe down touched surfaces whenever this is required before, during and after play. The club is providing six new sanitiser units which will be distributed at strategic places and there will be a wall mounted temperature gauge if people wish to check body temperature.


Facemasks and headshields

At the present time facemasks/shields are to be worn when entering the club and preparing for and during play. However, individuals can remove them for play but then must maintain a 2 metre distance from others. It is also necessary to allow for some people having breathing conditions which make it difficult for them to do activity while wearing a mask. Similarly masks can be removed in the bar and catering areas. Masks are required if individuals are within one metre of each other if, for example, they need to inspect a head during play.


Consecutive playing sessions

Regarding the number of people in the hall, this will depend on the number of teams playing. There are normally scheduled two occasions when there are two consecutive playing sessions, one following the other. We are planning to delay the second session by half an hour, not allowing extra people from the second session to enter the club if they arrive early. This will allow ample time for the first session to leave the club or leave the playing area if they go for a drink or meal, and the second session to prepare for their game. The first session will leave via the door near the snooker table to save a crush outside the main entrance.


All leagues will be 2-hour sessions and will be three wood triples.



Although members have been asked to remove equipment from lockers we are aware that for a few individuals, particularly if they travel by public transport, this is the cause of considerable difficulty for them to transport their bowls. Hence, for those experiencing serious difficulty, the club will provide some plastic boxes for named individuals. These will be placed along the rink sidewalls so that bowls and shoes may be left on the premises.


Personal responsibility

It must be emphasised that when members are in the club they MUST exercise a high level of responsibility and maintain social distancing, hand sanitisation, assisting in wiping down surfaces which they have touched, and cooperating with the procedures stipulated by the club using the EIBA guidelines.


Please allow for the fact that some of these conditions may change depending upon developing circumstances.

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