Oxfordshire Bowls League

In Div 2 Oxford City & County 'A' Team took a further 4 points, playing away, against South Oxford 'A's 2 points by winning 2 of the 4 matches and also having the better overall total

Colin Pollard's team had the highest winning rink for City & County with a 21-10 win. Alan Ley forged a 16-14 win also, but unfortunately, Chris Lewis and Othmar Sharif were on the wrong end of a pair of very close games. An unfortunate loss of 5 on the 9th end changed the Match against Othmar Sharif and that was the difference between winning and losing on his rink

City & County 'B' Team finished with a 4-2 Home win also against South Oxford 'B' with Ken Buckingham's team just snicking a 15-14 win but Bob Heaven's Team once again took the main honours and gave the City & County 'B' a 21-13 buffer and an overall 69-66 win. Peter Boyle was on the boil with his red-hot bowls, causing his opposing lead a very steamy time in the humid atmosphere.

Well done both 'A' & 'B' teams. 'A' Team is now certain to be promoted to Div 1 but 'B' team will have to wait until the final Matches next week to see if they are promoted, or stay in Div 4

(photos) Left-handers in the 'B' Team Ron Howes and Chris Adams