Membership and Subscriptions

*Please note that new members joining at any time after 1st October in any year will benefit from a monthly pro-rata reduction in the annual fee.

**Any new member graduating from coaching will not pay a subscription in the Financial Year in which they join
This new increase will bring us back in line with the rise in inflation since the last increase in subs last year which only brought us part way. We expect that future increases should be annually and linked to the RPI (Retail Price Index),  CPI (Consumer Price Index) or fixed at 2%

Indoor Playing Membership**

Bowling Member - £75 

Outdoor Playing Membership**

Bowling Member - £125

Joint Outdoor & Indoor Playing Membership**

Bowling Member -  £175
Social Member -     £25
Lockers -               £12

Junior Bowling Members

Under 18 or up to the end of full time education whichever the later ........ Free
Thereafter increased as follows





1 £20 £25 £40
2 £30 £35 £60
3 £40 £50 £80
4 £50 £75 £115
5 £60 £90 £135
6(Full) £65 £115 £160
** Existing members: save  £10 on your next subscription by introducing a friend to the Club who becomes a full member
Social Member -  £15+VAT
Rink Fees
Outdoors - No rink fee is charged, except for external competitions
Indoors -  £3.00 per member per 2 hour session

Match fees

For representative club matches, competitive or friendly, there is a match fee that varies according to what meal, if any, is to be provided. Details are always provided on the team sheets for matches.

Membership Application Form

Membership forms are available at the club.