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Is Bowls for me? There are two main variations at Oxford City & County Bowls Club

1) Indoor, in a heated, well lit carpet green of 6 Bowls Rinks, each approximately 30 metres long

2) Outdoor on specially prepared Lawn Bowling Greens, normally played between April and October


  • Bowls is played by people of all ages, as the basics are easy to pick up and you can play anytime, day or evening. Traditionally it's been seen as an older person's game, but an increasing number of younger people are taking it up. It's sociable, fun and very addictive.

I'm bowled over, what to expect when I begin?

  • Oxford City & County Bowls Club will provide you with the bowls and all the equipment you need - just make sure you wear flat-soled footwear.
  • Bowls will improve your hand-eye coordination and the more you play, the easier it becomes.
  • You'll also increase your muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Children's bowls are lighter and are designed especially for smaller hands
  • Bowls is a sport where disability players can compete with and against able-bodied participants. There are wheelchairs designed especially for bowling greens
INDOORS or OUTDOORS.......We Enjoy it All!
12 Outdoor Rinks, 6 Superb Indoor Rinks, Viewing Area, Refreshments, etc



 Isn't it time you tried  the

Oxford City & County Indoor Bowls Experience?


Just come along to Oxford City & County Bowls Club for INDOOR Bowls Coaching

on Monday Evenings between 7pm and 9pm 

Casual Clothes, we can supply Bowls, Shoes and Enthusiastic help!


Why not take up bowling? It is a sport that's good for you - physically, mentally and socially. And don't run away with the idea that it's only for older people: it's for both young and old. Members of the national team are mostly between 20 and 40 years of age!  And you can play all year round indoors or, in summer, both indoors and outdoors. We cater for you if you just want to "roll up" with friends, if you want to play in club friendly games or if you want the thrill of competitive matches at different levels: club, county, national. Also, all year round, you can enjoy the bar and the varied social life of the club

Try it out with us. We are able to lend you all the equipment you will need, including bowls and shoes, so you can quickly start enjoying the sport without any significant initial expense.
Adults are welcome to try one of our free taster sessions. For adult coaching there is a fee of £3.50 per 2 hour session. One of our team of qualified coaches will be glad to talk to you about the opportunities the club offers; don't hesitate to telephone the Office on:-          01865 554334
Youngsters aged 8 and upwards are welcome at the Saturday Youth Club, catering for a wide range of ability from beginners to accomplished bowlers and using the six rink indoor green in the winter and one of the two six-rink outdoor greens in the summer. Junior-sized bowls are available. No fee.
If you are thinking about taking up the sport and at any stage you want to become familiar with some of its rules and conventions, you can get a lot of information easily on the Internet. For example the BBC has an interesting page (click here). Bowls Australia has an interesting website also.
Please Note! Like most Bowls Clubs, we try to keep costs down for the benefit of Members. This means that The Office is not open 24/7 but has limited hours. Sometimes the Telephone might be answered by a member of the Club. I am sure you will find them very friendly and they will do their best to answer all your queries.