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Club Management

Company Directors

Company Chairman - Chris Lewis

Company Secretary - Vera Logue

Finance Director - Chris Lewis

Director - Graham Kerr

Fire and Security Director - Andrew Eastgate

Health and Safety - David Nash

Maintenance Director - Colin Pollard

Services Director - Vera Logue

Bowling Director - Steve Chilmaid

Bowling Director - Sue Mayo

President - Tony Wright

Screenshot 2023-09-07 114231.png

Indoor Bowls Committee

Chairman - Rosemary Phelps

Ladies Comp. Sec. (Nat) - Jeanette Berry

Mens Comp. Sec. (Nat) - Mark Vaughan

Fixtures Secretary - Vera Logue

Senior Duty Officer - TBA

Ladies County Delegate - Jeanette Berry

Committee Members - Rosemary Phelps, Lorraine Gaskins, Annie Bristow and Clive Bristow

Outdoor Bowls Committee

Chairman - Jeanette Berry

Secretary and Outdoor Director - Sue Mayo

Captain-Men-Fixture Secretary - Bryan Flitter

Vice Captain (Men) - Ron Howes

Competition Secretary - Jeanette Berry

County Delegate (Ladies) - Carol Gaskins

County Delegate (Mens) - Tony Wright

A League Manager - Colin Pollard

B League Manager - Ron Howes

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