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Our Story

Oxford City and County Bowls Club Logo
Oxford City and County Bowls Club Logo

The Beginnings

Oxford city and County Bowls Club was first formed in 1932 though did not open until 1933. It was opened upon land leased from St. Johns College which housed two outdoor greens and a club house. With help from the clubs members, during the mid 1970's the freehold was brought.

Oxford City and County Old Outdoor Green
Oxford City and County Bowls Club Old indoor green

Facility Development

In 1978 the original indoor green was added to the club this greem had 3 full sized rinks. This addition to the club made the game more exciting for members as it added a ditch side for them to bowl along.

Bar Addition

At the same time as the original indoor green was added the installation of the bar occured. This area overlooked the outdoor greens and allowed entrance to the indoor green.

Oxford City and County Bowls Club old Bar
The construction of the new indoor green

Building Work

In October 2002, after many years of planning, it was decided that the demands of the original indoor green had exceeded its capabilities. This forced the club to take steps to build the new indoor bowling green and viewing area. This structure allowed for 6 full-sized indoor rinks with a large walkway all around and a overlooking seating area for spectators with ramp access.  

Present Day

The clubs current facilities are ranked amongst the country. Offering a six-rink carpet green, two outdoor six-rink greens, a bar area, kitchen facilities, a snooker table, and meeting room. All of these are available to both club members and the public to hire, if interested please enquire. 

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